Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


5. 2 part 2

A tear fell.. I fell down.. I cant handle this anymore. I not special, or pretty, or that girly to be honest. Im just plain boring me, I had my crazy moments but that all. Why, whys is this happening. 

"Anna?" I heard someone say.

"Where are you?" Another voice said.

"Oh God!" someone ran towards me and hugged me. It was Hannah. Glad she here I need her more than ever I swear.

"What happen in here Anna?" I think Jaylen said. I look at the note and handed it towards him. He began to read it. He finish reading and handed it towards Percy then left the room.

Anna? Hannah said. I looked at her.

"Is that the book that we made when.. I"  nodded slowly than quickly. 

"The person broke it and I saw it again it brought back all the memories and I couldn't hand it anymore and- "she cut me off. 

"Its okay. Who that person is we are gonna kick his ass. Okay?" she said.

"Yeah we are" I softly smiled.

"Anna" I turned and saw my dad at the door. Dad.. He ran and hugged me.

"I.. well we need to talk. Percy make sure everyone in the living room. Its time for the truth." He said. Percy nodded and left. 

"Sweetheart please know I love you. And forgive me for not telling you sooner." He said.

"Dad I will always love you and well at least your telling me the truth now than thirty years later."

"Let go." We walked in the living room everyone was there.

"Anna, I think it would be best for you to sit down." My dad said. I nodded.

"I..well".*sighs* he said. 

"What he trying to say is that well sweetheart your special" The lady I talked too earlier said.

"Special?" I said, and made a confused face.

"Well like on earthly like type." Jaylen dad said.

"Like..what?" I asked even more confused.

"Your a Goddess for crying out loud!" A guy in the corner said.

"What? Whoa wait what?" I said.

 "A goddess. I'm Hades by the way." he said. 

I just stayed silent. Just slowly processing this. 

 I not just your dad by the way..he says, I'm also Zeus. And you Anna are a special girl. You are the goddess of all." my dad said.

"All what do you mean" I said. 

"Well your have a little bit of everyone powers here, so they are part of you and you also are a goddess of fiction like vampires or fairy tales. And yes they existed. I'm Aphrodite ."

"Oh was all I could say. How am I all part of you?"

"Well..."my dad said.

"We knew one day we could get destroyed and we needed someone to watch this world and to keep peace. Us goddess and gods talk and agree but we needed help so asked fairy a good fairy to help."

"She agreed but she said  "it must be a girl and also be a goddess of fiction. This little baby girl a will be a hero, she will get lost but raise as the formal queen she be good, kind and and beautiful, but beware danger will happen."

said a guy. Oh by the way i'm Poseidon.

"So I was made by a fairy am I correct?" I asked

"No. said Aphrodite. Your my daughter. I had you, but you only had a little bit of me and your father. We asked a fairy to help put the other powers in you. We also had asked the every monster and creature, and fairytales if it was alright for you to be there goddess. Though many did not agree.The highest out of all agreed it was best for there people to be under your rule and protection."

"I-..I need to a break. Can I go outside by myself." I asked.

"I dont know I don't think it safe." Jaylen parents said.

"I wont go far I just need to get air and rethink this all. You can look through the window if you want."

"Sure" dad said, "Not that far and I must see  you through the window."

I got up and walked out. I sat on the grass down got my phone and luckily had my head phones. Diana by One direction. I started to sing it.

Diana Let me be the one lift your heart up and save you life...I sanged. 

I didn't realize I let a tear fall down. God damn I said. I layed down and just stared at the sky.

Moments passed the next song came.. Story of My Life. huh weird  I thought. I began to sing.



Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain

leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days

She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones

Seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone

And I'll be gone, gone tonight

The ground beneath my feet is open wide

The way that I been holding on too tight

With nothing in between

The story of my life 
I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm

And time... is frozen (the story of, the story of)

The story of my life 
I give her hope
I spend her love
Until she's broke

The story of my life (the story of, the story of)

Written on these walls are the colors that I can't change

Leave my heart open but it stays right here in its cage

I know that in the morning now I see us in the light upon a hill

Although I am broken, my heart is untamed, still

And I'll be gone, gone tonight

The fire beneath my feet is burning bright

The way that I been holding on so tight

With nothing in between

The story of my life 
I take her home
 I drive all night to keep her warm
And time... is frozen  (the story of, the story of)

The story of my life 
I give her hope
I spend her love 
Until she's broke

 The story of my life  (the story of, the story of)

And I been waiting for this time to come around

But baby running after you is like chasing the clouds

The story of my life
I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm

And time is frozen
 The story of my life
I give her hope (give her hope)

spend her love

Until she's broke (until she's broke inside)

The story of my life (the story of, the story of) 

The story of my life
 The story of my life (the story of, the story of)

The story of my life






 "Hey.." Percy said looking down. 

 "Umm.. Hi?.."I said while taking out an earbud.

 "You sing good you know." He said while sitting down next to me.

 "Oh uh you heard me sing? "I asked starting to blush a bit.

 "Yeah I did. Is it ok if I lay down with you? "He asked.

 "Yeah" I said. 

He laid down.We both looked at the sky. It was silent but he broke it after a while.

 "You know I never really thought you would take the news that good. But you prove me wrong. *awkward laugh* I remember when I found out I was half god. So did not take the news well... "*laughs* he said.

"Really" I asked.

  "Yeah. See They didnt tell me before hand and well...things in life change really quick you know?"he said. 

 "Yeah I know. Though there are moments in life you wish didn't change." I said.

 'Yeah but sometimes their good and than there is also the moments when there aren't." he said.

 "Yeah "I said.

There was a pause. "You a fan of one direction?" he asked.

"Yup and little mix, five second of summer, pierce the veils and becky g." I said.

"Cool." he said. "I know them" he added.

"You know them?... Like for real or your messing with me? I know them so does your dad." he said.

   "Wait.. Your saying my dad KNOWS One Direction The BIGGEST boy band in the WORLD? and knows 5SOS the BIGGEST band in whole world, one of the biggest girl group too and Becky G and Pierce the veils? " I asked 

"Yup "he said.

"Naah I don't believe you." 

"Why dont you believe me." He asked.

"Cause... your shirt says so."

"What? *looks down at shirt* No it doesn't say that. What the heck are you thinking?" he said.

"Well....If you didn't notice im crazy in a way and weird and random and shit." I said.

"Well... he said I just met you." he said.

"No really? Well either way you just learn something about me." l said.

"Yeah." he said.

We layed there again in silence.

"We should go inside" he said.

"Yeah "I replied.

We got up and started to walk back.

"You know? We should do something kind of like this again?" He said.

"Yeah we should do this again "I said. He smiled.

"We got back towards the house. He open the door for me." I blushed a bit. I mean if you were me and some boy around your age open the door for you would blush right?

"Anna. " a voice said.

I looked up and saw my dad.

"What?" I asked.

* Dad pov*

I saw Anna and Percy talking a bit and Anna was starting to blush at some moments. That not good. I mean if she starts to have feelings for other than when the people she love are gone. ...Well it isnt going to end good.

 "Anna" I said.

Anna looked up. She looked me.

"What?" she said. Looking a bit confused.

"We need to talk."

"OK" she said. She looked at Percy and said good bye.

He nodded and walked away. 

"So what you want to talk about? "she asked breaking the silence we had.

"I..well" I said.

"Well... "she said raising an eyebrow. 

*sighs* "Do you have any questions" I asked.

She thought for a moment.

"If I had a mom than why wasn't she there when I was growing up?" She asked.

"She was there. She was their feeding you, she saw your first steps, heard your first word. but once you could start remembering she had to leave.She was there for all your concerts and Stuff. You just never notice she was always their."  I said.

"Oh" she said.

"Yeah." I said.

God damnit I don't know how to tell her this. I need help. I on it I heard someone say.

Aphrodite. Yup it me. I' ll be there.

"Hey " I heard someone say. Me and Anna both look towards the way the voice came. Aphrodite. Just on time I say Through my thoughts. She smiled at me. She heard it. 

"Umm can I talk to Anna" she asked.

I nodded. I walked out leaving my them some space.



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