Cameron Imagine

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2. Part 2

Cameron Dallas Imagine Part 2:

"Just watch where your going." I was knocked out of my trance.

This boy who seemed so beautiful turned out to be an ugly person.

Before I could say 'sorry' (again) he was gone. I continued to my first class: Literature.

I walked up to the teacher "Hello I'm Tessa the new student." He gave me a smile "Yes. Welcome Tessa you may have a seat next to Cameron."

I didn't know who Cameron was but there was only one seat open next to the same boy I ran into earlier.

I looked down as I walked to my seat.

Not even a minute later class started. I started a sketch as the teacher went on and on about class rules. "Cool drawing."

I looked up to see Cameron staring at my artwork. "Uh. Thanks." I was quiet for a minute "Would you like to come to a party this Friday?" I was shocked and frozen in my seat.

Cameron who seemed rude and impatient had just asked me to a party. "Um. Sure."

He smirked and said "Cool. But, your going to have to find a date they're required." With that the bell rang and he was out the door.

Cameron was definitely cold-hearted.

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