Cameron Imagine

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1. Part 1

Cameron Dallas Imagine Part 1:

Today is the first day at my new school. I'm nervous but also excited. I get out of bed and get ready for the day putting on the outfit it took weeks to decide on.

I glance at the clock 7:21. It's a five minute drive to the school and we are required to be in the building by 7:30.

I run downstairs grab my keys and I'm out the door.

When I pull into the school parking lot it's filled but, there's no other student in sight. I'm forced to park in the back farthest away from the school building.

Running through the obstacle of cars I drop my book bag and everything flys out of it.

I'm quick to put everything back in; then I'm running though the parking lot again.

When I reach the doors they are still unlocked. I'm guessing people are late often.

I speed walk to the office where I'm greeted by a friendly secretary.

"Hello I'm Tessa I'm new." She smiles "Ah yes. Welcome to the school Tessa. Here's your schedule. Good luck." I mumble a quick 'Thank You' and walk out.

I'm looking down at my schedule when I run into someone. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I wasn't—" I look up from my schedule to see a gorgeous pair of brown eyes looking down on me.

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