Daddy's Girl—>C.H.

I live in fear. I live in a world where almost everything goes wrong almost every day. I don't have anyone to help me with my troubles. I don't have a mom or dad that I can tell anything to. I don't have that many friends but I'm just thankful that I have the ones I have.
My name is Jade Amber Hood, daughter of the legendary bassist from 5 seconds of Summer.
I don't mind being his daughter cause nobody knows that I even exist. My mom claims that she's told him but I highly doubt it but at the same time, I believe her and her stories. I don't have that good relationship with my mom not will I ever.
I have some friends but not many. They slowly take away the fear that I'm living in. They try to help me with my troubles but it's hard for them cause none of them have a drug dealing mother and famous father that probably doesn't even know they exist. Jayden is one, Ronnie is another, Noah is the dealer and Owen is the stupid one.
Jayden- short, long light ash brown hair, blue eyes, tan, acts like a goodie goodie but really she's the complete opposite, she's the best when it comes to parties
Ronnie- she's average height, dyed red/purplish hair, light green eyes, little more than pale, she is bad, always has a bag of some type of drugs in her purse
Noah- black hair, gray eyes, white, the drug dealer(that's all I'm gonna say about him)
Owen- dark brown/almost black hair, dark eyes, really sweet guy but he can get crazy when he doesn't get his way, was in love with me before...try imagining what he did.
(I'll give you a hint: he likes to carry his gun, and his favorite past-time is sharpening a knife)
Me-I had black wavy hair until I dyed it, now it's barely black because of the ombre I got, I've got my dad's nose, I'm a goodie goodie gone bad pretty much. I like video games, food, sleeping, being with my friends. I'm like every other teenage girl. Alright, enough about me.....


6. Chapter 5

We pull into a large driveway. I'm happy that he only lived about 30 minutes away. All the guys could come and visit as much as they wanted. Before I could actually get out of the car, Calum puts his hand on mine.

"I'm warning you now. There are 3 other guys in there that live me."

"Michael, Ashton and Luke."

"How'd you know?"

"Well I don't live under a rock da-" We both sit there, staring at each other with the most shocked face. Did I really almost call him dad?! way. Atleast, not right this second. I think of a word quick that sounds like dad and could be put in the sentence."Duh."

He stretches his lips out.

"You can just walk in if you want to. They'll all be standing there waiting for you anyways so." I walk up to the door. I turn my head and I see him leaning down on the trunk of the car. He looks mad and upset at the same time. I kinda feel sorry for him.

I open the door and I walk a couple of feet more into a large living room. It's as big as my bedroom was. I can't wait to see my actual bedroom. I sit on a gray couch. I take out my phone. I decide to call Jay. I mean I was supposed to anyway.



"Oh my god, Jade Amber Hood is actually calling me!?"

"Yes she is. She missed her baby momma."

"And Jay missed her baby girl."

It goes silent got almost a minute. That's too long for Jay. She needs to talk.

"So what's up?"

"Well, like I said behind the school about my mom being caught. Yeah, well that happened and then she died of a drug overdose."

"Oh baby girl, I'm sorry."

"But wait it gets better."


"Just wait till you hear this."

"Hit me. Ronnie, Noah and Owen just walked in, I'm putting you on speaker." I hear Noah ask who it is.

"Hi Jade." All three of them say at once.

"Hey guys." I explain to them about my mom. Ronnie gasped and I bet the guys didn't even do anything. Typical.

"But it gets better guys."

"C'mon let's hear it then." Owen yells. Always an eager guy.

"So they called my dad and now he's my legal guardian apparently. I took all my things from the apartment and now I'm living in this huge house now. But that's not the best part." They all groan and I laugh at them.

"Tell us." Ronnie whines.

"I'm only about 30 minutes away. So y'all could come and visit if you wanted to." They all cheer.

"Well I just wanted to keep you updated."

"Thanks for that by the way." Owen yells.

"Anytime my eager little boy." I know that made him smile, I know my homies right off the bat.

"Let's make a toast to Jade Amber Hood and her new life." I hear our favorite flavored beer bottles cling together.

"Awww, you guys are drinking without me?!" I whisper yell that part.

"Why'd you whisper."

"Well, I can't be saying that something like that infront of Calum. I mean he actually cares about me."

"Why don't you call him dad." Noah asks.

"Cause I haven't seen him since the day I was born."

"Fair enough."

"Okay, well I gotta go now. Gotta help Calum with the boxes and shiz. I'll talk to y'all later. Love you guys to the moon."

"We love you the way back." They all yell and cheer together. I hang up and smile at my phone.

I see my reflection in the phone. I stare straight into my eyes. All I see is pure black.

I hear Calum walk through the door with boxes under each arm.

"Need some help?" He smirks at me and I grab the box labeled electronics.

"So where's my room." I follow him upstairs to a light sky blue color. It's so beautiful. My mattress is actually big enough for me to stretch out on. I've got my own tv and computer. I drop the box and Calum laughs at me.

"You may think this is funny but I think this is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen."

"Yeah since we aren't girls, we had a professional do it yesterday while we were at the police station for those hours."

"It took them that quick."

"Well the boys bought the bed and everything, a painter painted, and then a designer came in and just designed everything pretty much."

"Well they did a good job." He smiles a genuine smile at me. I literally jump down on my bed. Instead of landing on a mattress, I landed on a hip.

"OH MY GOD." I run behind Calum. He laughs.

"It's just the guys." Their heads pop up one by one.

"Jesus Christ." I whisper under my breath.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you." I hold my hand up.

"It's okay. Apology accepted." I flash a quick smile before I turn around and the other box from Calum. I place the box onto of my electronics box. They all get out of my bed and stand next to each other in front of me.

"I'm-" Ashton starts off and I cut him off.

"I know who you guys are."

"Then prove it." Michael says while crossing his arms.

"Your Ashton, Michael and Luke." I pointed to each one of them as I said their names. Luke smirked, Mike looked like the "Scream" painting and Ashton....I had no idea what Ashton was doing.

They leave me alone in a huge room. This room is probably as big as my apartment. Exaggerating? Yes, but still. This room is big as hell.

I take out my pictures and hang them on a thing I made when I was about 13. It's a ordinary piece of string with little clips on top that hold my pictures of Noah and all them. I tape it right above my bed. I hear a knock on the door.

"Come in." I say as I take out shirts and put them on my bed next to hangers.

"Hey." It's Ashton.

"Ummm.....hi." To be honest, I'm seriously shocked and confused on why he decided to come into my room. Out of all things, it's me e wants to talk to. Wow. The room goes silent.

"Should I you uncle Ashton from now on?" I hear him make that noise that we all make when we try to hold in a laugh.

"No. That makes me feel old. Like when the Calum....I mean dad called me the dad of the band." I angrily put my shirt on a hanger before facing Ashton.

"I don't call him dad nor will I probably ever." He stands there shocked and stuffs his hands in his pockets, embarrassed. I walk over to the closet with a handful of clothes and stack them onto a rack.


"It's fine, you didn't know anyway so I can't blame you. If I were you, I would of done the same thing." I go back to my bed and do the same thing with the remaining shirts.


"Why what?"

"Why won't you call him dad?"

"Well, for starters I'-" I stop to think. Why is Ashton actually asking me this. Why did he come into my room in the first place?

"Did he send you in here?"

"No, what are you talking about?"

"Did Calum send you in here to ask me these questions. And then you'll tell him what I said and all that."

"No. I won't tell him anything. My lips are sealed." He did the 'twisting key and throwing it away' thing.

"Can I trust you?" I cock an eyebrow at him. Could I really trust Ashton?

"Yes, I promise you. I just want to get closer to my niece. Is that okay?"

"It's fine I guess. I mean now we technically live together so go ahead. Hit me with any questions you got. I'll answer them for ya." I wink at him and he giggles. I sit down on my bed and he sits next to me. He asks me all these types of questions about me before I met Calum and all this junk happened. He thought the "incident" with that cop was the funniest thing ever.

"Now....tough question."

"Hit me. I'm tough." I hit my chest in the most "gangster" way possible.

"Why won't you call Calum dad?" Now that sir is a tough question.

"Because, there's this one part of me that tells me that all the things about my dad that my mom told me are true. Plus, I just met the guy. I need to get used to him." He shakes his head.

"Fair enough. What did your mom say." I explain to him what she said, all the bad things that haunt me at night.

"I hope you know none of them are true."

"How would I know."

"Cause he's my best mate." He gets up.

"I'm gonna go to McDonald's. Do want anything?"

"I'll have a chicken wrap."

"Any drink choice?"

"Lemonade all the way man." I made the surfer's legendary hand.

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