Daddy's Girl—>C.H.

I live in fear. I live in a world where almost everything goes wrong almost every day. I don't have anyone to help me with my troubles. I don't have a mom or dad that I can tell anything to. I don't have that many friends but I'm just thankful that I have the ones I have.
My name is Jade Amber Hood, daughter of the legendary bassist from 5 seconds of Summer.
I don't mind being his daughter cause nobody knows that I even exist. My mom claims that she's told him but I highly doubt it but at the same time, I believe her and her stories. I don't have that good relationship with my mom not will I ever.
I have some friends but not many. They slowly take away the fear that I'm living in. They try to help me with my troubles but it's hard for them cause none of them have a drug dealing mother and famous father that probably doesn't even know they exist. Jayden is one, Ronnie is another, Noah is the dealer and Owen is the stupid one.
Jayden- short, long light ash brown hair, blue eyes, tan, acts like a goodie goodie but really she's the complete opposite, she's the best when it comes to parties
Ronnie- she's average height, dyed red/purplish hair, light green eyes, little more than pale, she is bad, always has a bag of some type of drugs in her purse
Noah- black hair, gray eyes, white, the drug dealer(that's all I'm gonna say about him)
Owen- dark brown/almost black hair, dark eyes, really sweet guy but he can get crazy when he doesn't get his way, was in love with me before...try imagining what he did.
(I'll give you a hint: he likes to carry his gun, and his favorite past-time is sharpening a knife)
Me-I had black wavy hair until I dyed it, now it's barely black because of the ombre I got, I've got my dad's nose, I'm a goodie goodie gone bad pretty much. I like video games, food, sleeping, being with my friends. I'm like every other teenage girl. Alright, enough about me.....


15. Authors note

Hey guys. As most of you or all of you know. Some girl thought it was okay to completely expose Calum's privacy to the world. If you do know what I'm talking about then good. If you don't then here:

Basically it was this. Calum sent a video on snapchat to a girl showing his "junk" to her. And she decided it was okay to show the world.


Anyway. I wanted to write this because I'm scared for him but mostly the whole band. Like he said he's a teenager and all teenagers make mistakes one in their life. I mean come one, everyone least once. But now, girls everywhere(especially on tumblr) are thinking it's okay to constantly be posting the video over and over. And now people are making photos and posters for future concerts?! Like NO! Don't do that.

1: that's disrespectful

2: it's just wrong

3: the biggest reason... There are little girls and girls who have never even heard about this who will be going to these concerts and wanting to see their idols on stage. Why would you even think about ruining their once in a life time opportunity but putting pictures of his private on a poster board and wave it around for everyone to see. Those poor girls now would have to sit in that concert confused, looking at the posters probably thinking like what is that? Who is that?

I've seen so many people on tumblr already make photo colleges of him and to be honest, that's just awful. Your supposed to be a supporting fan and making those isn't really supporting. It's kinda like rubbing his mistake in his face.

I feel bad for him. But I'm happy he had owned up to his mistake and took full responsibility. He's probably the most mature guy I've ever seen, 100%.

But that girl who did it should be the one to blame. She's the one who caused it. She caused Calum to maybe ruin his reputation and things like that.

My friends that I know love 5sos aren't so much as disappointed, they're more mad. But not at him, at that girl. How do you come up with the idea of oh I know what I'll do! I'll post Calum hood's nude video that he sent to me for my eyes only to the world.

He trusted her and she through his trust away like trash. She didn't even deserve those nudes obviously. My friends made a group to hunt down who the girl is. I'm not in it cause personally, I don't want to find out who she is. Cause then her life will become a living nightmare.

All I want is that if you have to video. Delete it. If you respect them and you respect Calum then you shouldn't really have a problem with deleting it. He owned up to his mistake, it's should of been done when he said that.

And now people are saying if you have the video, you could get into ALOT of trouble because that video technically is child porn because he is underage. He's 18 people! He could even get in trouble. If e gets in trouble, then so is the girl who started it all.

All I'm saying is to stand up for Calum and stop the girls who want to ruin a little girls concert. Stop the ones who think it's funny to make fun of Calum and his junk. Stop the girls who never stop reposting the same pictures, same videos. Just stop. Let's put it behind us.

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