The day 1D split

Welcome to crazy town population 3


3. 3.3

Liam's pov: I reallyhope Harry isn't going to tell Louis. Harry looks like he could use some help. 'Think Liam what can you say?' I was asking myself. Finally it came to me. "I left because Niall left!" I screamed out loud. I could feel Harry and Zayn breathing down my back now. I can't belive that I just said that out loud. Worst of all I said his name. I felt the pain hit me as an image of hus face came to mind. This of course just made it harder to live with out her.

Ounce again Louis did his stair. "Well than why did Niall leave the band?" 'This is it the truth comes out now.' I thought to my self I held my breath as Louis turned around only to see NIALL wS standing their! I had to be seeing things. Their was no way my deadbest friend was here. Me,Harry,and Zayn were standing at Niall!!! We had no idea what we were waiting for to happen. I guess we just couldn't belive our eyes. "Could it really be him?" Harry whispered to me. Not knowing what to say I shrugged.

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