The day 1D split

Welcome to crazy town population 3


1. 1.1

Louis's pov: "Guys come back! We can't give up now. We came so far!" I screamed as the lads walked away. Liam turned around to face me. "Who cares if we came so far. It wasn't worth it. All thise people who told us to give up were right to say it." I was shocked by how codly Liam said it. I turned away from Liam hurt. 'I know i can get threw to one of them i thought to my self.'

"Harry think of all the fans your letting down by doing this." I was hoping that maybe he would be nicer and understand. Only he was the oppist of that. "I don't care any more! Why should I worry if a couple girls get up seat. Their just gonna use me. So whats the point of careing Louis!" I can't belive they all feel this way. "Zayn please don't go. Just the thought that after all theis years we were together. You guys want to leave the band. Zayn please just stay with me. Your part of my family now." I was crying now. Zayn had an angry look as he looked at me. Then little by little it turned to sad. "Your right Louis were a family so I won't leave the band." I got so happy when i heared theis words.

I was about to ask Niall to stay. Then I started to think. "Why do you guys wan't to leave the band?" Both Harry and Liam froze in place. Neither one turing around to look me in the face.

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