Music of the Soul

These are the lyrics to songs that I have written. The rhythm may seem a little off without them being sung, but they do fit. I don't use a lot of punctuation when writing them becaus I feel like it disrupts the flow, so please don't comment about that.


1. The Broken Doll

It seems strange to me 

How people hold onto their memories

When everything around them is so different

And yes I'm guilty of this too

Of dwelling on my innocent youth 

When happiness seemed to last forever  


Cause the good times only make the bad seem worse

I end up crying over lost happiness

Trying to get my broken brain to work

So I can function in this cruel, cruel world  


Sometimes I wonder why

We talk of the future all the time

When all it ever does is make us scared

Terrified of exams and job interviews

The endless search for  love, receiving horrible news

And scared of never finding true happiness  


I'm scared of getting old and of dying young

Of being too bold and messing everything up for myself

No matter what I do I can't escape from the future it's too

Easy to picture every awful moment ahead  


People say live in the moment

But what if you can't, is it just over

Are you just the broken one amongst a thousand happy dolls

So many people are crying wolf

That no one believes it when they hear the truth

That someone is in desperate need of repair  


Music is the only way I sleep

Without fighting with my own mind just to breathe

And if no one hears me screaming on the inside

They hear me singing out my broken song with pride

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