Gu Family Book:Everlasting Love

This is what happens after Yeo Wool and Kang Chi meet 400 years later in modern day Seoul. 400 years before, when Yeo Wool was dying, Kang Chi had promised her that when they meet again, he'll recognize her first. That when they meet again, he'll love her first. Kang Chi recognized her right away but will Yeo Wool? Will his words mean nothing or will he still love her?


1. Intro

Everlasting Love

Introduction "Last Word"

MANY many years ago there lived two lovers. One being a human and one a vampire. The vampire went by the name of Choi Kang Chi and the human was named Dam Yeo Wool. One day Kang Chi and Yeo Wool fell in love but something terrible and tragic happened. Yeo Wool died taking a bullet for Kang Chi. Before Yeo Wool had died, Kang Chi had asked her to marry him and made a promise to her. "When we meet again, I'll recognize you first. When we meet again I'll love you first." And then they kissed. A couple of seconds later Yeo Wool's hand went limp and her head fell on Kang Chi's shoulder lifeless. But now here the two are, four centuries later in modern day Seoul.

"Yeo Wool?" Kang Chi questioned, tears coming to his eyes as the reincarnation of his love came in sight as he turned around.

"Yes..." Yeo Wool started cautiously. "How do you know my name? Do you know me?" She asked confused as how a complete stranger knew her name.

There was a silent pause as no one spoke. Then Kang Chi smiled at Yeo Wool, tears of happiness in his eyes threatening to fall. The girl that had died four hundred years ago had reappeared back in front of his eyes. He never forgot his promise for a second and he knew he had already fulfilled it. He had recognized her first, the face he could never forgot. He still loved her after he died and he loved her first. The promise he made before she died. The promise he would keep until he died. No matter how many times they met, he would keep the promise. The promise.

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