The Missing

Elizabeth Warren wasn't a typical eighteen year old girl. Mostly because she was always at home and always studying for the SAT's for two years straight. She doesn't hang around many people, only having two true friends, because of a nasty rumor. She's dead set on leaving the small town of Lake Claire, Nebraska. Even if it is because her father wants her to fulfill the wish and life he couldn't, that is until she meets Zak Pierce, the dreamy new addition to the 700+ population.

Zak Pierce has a history of leaving girl's in the dust... Literally. There's a dirty past that Zak is covering up. A string of disappearances that he was the key suspect in. Who is Zak Pierce, and will Elizabeth join what the police and the FBI have called The Missing?

*Warning, all places, people, or happenings are strictly of the author's imaginations. This novel is purely for entertainment and not meant to be used as a guide for actual kidnappings. *


1. Run Away



 Zak's POV:



April 20, 2014


The police were hot on my trail. They suspected me in the string of disappearances of locals girls. Smart, studious girls. The kind I find to be an easy target. Nerdy girls, often find guys like me unattainable, good looking, charming, athletic. Perfect prey. Unfortunately they're often missed sooner rather than later unlike other options, the party girls, druggies, and hookers.


I had to leave this quaint town of Four Corners, the town that rests almost directly on where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet. I traced a line with my finger on the map of the United States; trying to find my next location, my new hunting grounds.


I found a small town, in Nebraska named Lake Claire... I swiveled to my computer and typed in the name into the search engine, Lake Claire, population: 700, climate: fair, education: fair, neighborhoods: excellent, crime rate: extremely low.


Perfect. I then searched for houses for rent, one popped up, it was in the suburbs, and I had plenty of neighbors. Good. I put in a bid for the home and waited. I had money, tons of it in fact.


I can go anywhere, at anytime. A message popped up on my screen, saying 'Congratulations Mr. Pierce on your new home.' I got up and started packing. Tomorrow I would make my way to Lake Claire, Nebraska. I called the movers and they told me they would be there in a few hours, given the short notice.


I accepted and smiled. I packed everything I wanted into boxes, and left everything else behind.


I would buy new things, create a new identity, maybe use the fake name I gave the Realtor site. I piled the boxes on the front lawn and put my suitcase of clothes and toiletries into my car. I would switch out the license plates halfway there. I switched over the license in my wallet so it said I was from Nebraska, I had license plates and license I.D's for every state and country.


My new adventure would be beginning shortly, when I saw the moving van I directed them to the boxes and instructed I wanted nothing more from the home itself.


They nodded in understanding and I got back into my car and started to drive after giving them the address.


"My name is Zak Pierce, My name is Zak Pierce, My name is Zak Pierce, My name is Zak Pierce, My name is Zak Pierce, My name is Zak Pierce." I repeated to myself, like a mantra. I was no longer Nathan Cross; I was Zak Pierce. 


It was a four day, non stop drive to Nebraska. When I made it to my new home I smiled, in the front lawn of the home directly next to mine, was a teenage girl, around the age I pretended to be. She had long, brunette hair, braided down her back and she wore conservative clothing; what was the norm for the girls I hunted. She would be perfect.


I would befriend her, and maybe even seduce her if I had to. Small town girls are so quick to help show strangers around.


I got out of the car and removed the 'SOLD' sign on the house and called the realtor's office so I could get my key. The girl next door had put down what she'd been doing to stare at me, I didn't let her know that I had caught her, because this was part of the game; let her become enthralled with me, let her develop a need to know me. 


A car pulled up to the home and a woman stepped out. 


"Mr. Pierce?" 


"Yes ma'am." I said holding out my hand.


"Nice to meet you. I was expecting someone..."


"Older? I get that a lot."


"I'm Lorraine McDonald. Here's your key. Welcome to Lake Claire." I glanced over at the brunette next door and smiled, having found her still looking at me through her eyelashes.


"Its a pleasure to meet you, and from what I've seen thus far, Lake Claire is beautiful."


"Tom's Diner is hiring, if you need a job or anything let me know."


"I will thank you." Lorraine walked to her car and I unlocked the door to the house. It was roomy, and furnished. I stripped the sheets off the couch and surrounding furniture and started walking around. The kitchen was spacious, as was the basement and upstairs.


I found the master suite instantly and smiled. It had a perfect view of a bedroom, judging from the girly purple of the room, it belonged to the brunette in the garden, that couldn't have worked out more perfectly.


Hopefully she 'll be like a lot of the girls I have watched in the past and think being on the second floor is enough protection against prying eyes that she won't close her curtains during the day and I'll be able to get a good look at her and how she is when she's alone.


I walked back downstairs and dragged my suitcase up to the suite. I set up the bathroom and unpacked the clothes. It was good timing as I watched the door of her bedroom opening and the brunette walked into her room.


She had just a towel wrapped around her body, and another over her hair. She was beautiful, this was almost too good to be true. She was exactly the type I looked for physically. I just hoped that she would fit all the other preferences I had for the girls I liked to play with.


I was mesmerized as I watched as she walked to the dresser and pulled on her clothes, fuzzy pajama bottoms, and a green tank top. She unfurled her brunette curls and took a brush to the jungle on her head. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, she was the most beautiful future member of what the FBI was calling The Missing now, I just had to plan how I would befriend her.


How I would get her to trust me, and where I would keep her.

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