The Missing

Elizabeth Warren wasn't a typical eighteen year old girl. Mostly because she was always at home and always studying for the SAT's for two years straight. She doesn't hang around many people, only having two true friends, because of a nasty rumor. She's dead set on leaving the small town of Lake Claire, Nebraska. Even if it is because her father wants her to fulfill the wish and life he couldn't, that is until she meets Zak Pierce, the dreamy new addition to the 700+ population.

Zak Pierce has a history of leaving girl's in the dust... Literally. There's a dirty past that Zak is covering up. A string of disappearances that he was the key suspect in. Who is Zak Pierce, and will Elizabeth join what the police and the FBI have called The Missing?

*Warning, all places, people, or happenings are strictly of the author's imaginations. This novel is purely for entertainment and not meant to be used as a guide for actual kidnappings. *


2. New Boy


Zak's POV:


25th April 2014


I'd only been in the little town of Lake Claire in Nebraska for a few days now, my main aim had been to get the house right, I had already set up my favorite room in the entire house, the basement.


I know I'd be spending a lot of time in there preparing for and later playing with a new girl, which I'm now almost certain will be Lizzy.


It was decorated with the contents of the suitcase I brought with me locked securely in the trunk of my car. There was no way I'd let the removal men handle it, the contents were my private possessions, some might call them souvenirs or trophies.


I prefer to think of them as a catalog of my journey, the victories I had earned and even a few reminders from some of my failures.


As for the rest of the house, just like before, I knew I had to get that perfect, so I could get fully into the mindset of being Zak Pierce and find what kind of character I'd be playing this time.


Although I knew that to do that I needed to get closer to the girl next door and find out if she was going to be the one this time. Which meant my personality had to reflect what it would take to get closer to her and let her feel comfortable when she is in this house.


Even as it serves that function, I have to keep it somewhat open as I may possibly even want to take in more than one girl, although not as many as I did in Four Corners.


There I let myself get arrogant and that could have led to my undoing it could have led those idiots from The FBI right to me. Still everything is an experience I use to perfect my skills, those mistakes meant I'd know better this time, I'd prepare better and take things slower.


What I do is an art form, and I let my own enjoyment get in the way of putting the necessary work in, I will not make the same mistakes again.


Those were the plans anyway, but I hadn't counted on the outside factors, I didn't count on the window that wouldn't close properly that I'd have to go out to the back of the house to fix it, right when her little brother was snooping about.


Still I turned it to an advantage, I humored him and answered his constant barrage of questions, about who I was ,where I was from ,and why I had moved here, where my parents were and how I had been able to afford to buy this house.


In the end, as I listened to him babble on about video games, I did get in a few subtle questions about his family.


The next thing to happen wasn't part of my plan either, but again I turned it to my advantage even if it forced me to move my timeline further along than I had intended. The boy whose name I learned was Darwin when his mother began calling him.


After a few minutes she came round the corner looking for him, obviously knowing that he would be sticking his nose where it didn't belong. She was an attractive woman for someone her age and I imagined for a few moments that if she were younger she could have been my type.


As she saw her son talking to me she introduced herself and apologized for her boy, I played down my annoyance at the his presence and lied and said he was a good kid ,funny and friendly -that he was a good reflection on how she had raised him.


After she sent him home she stayed and we chatted for about half an hour, I was warm and funny and charmed her a little bit too well as she surprised me with an invitation to dinner with her family, told me that I would get to meet her husband and their daughter.


I didn't even have a name for the beautiful young girl and my first meeting with her would also be out of my control. Not a one on one as I usually prefer, it would be under the watchful eyes of both of her parents.


Not exactly ideal, but in my world you have to sometimes learn to adapt and adjust. The most important thing is being formally introduced to her.



Elizabeth's POV:


April 25th, 2014


I watched him, the new boy next door. In this little town, we almost never got new neighbors. Of course I was enthralled with him, who wouldn't be? He was gorgeous...well there isn't many boys to compare him to, since my parents don't believe in movies or television. It was like pulling finger nails to get my cell phone. I learned from eavesdropping that his name was Zak Pierce...what a mysterious name. I wanted to know everything about him...what he did for fun, what his favorite color was, if he had tattoos, or better yet where he was from. Somewhere cool, I'll bet. 


"If you like him so much, why don't you go talk to him?" Dweeb said from the door way. He was spying on me, spying on Zak. 


"Shut up Darwin." I said addressing my younger brother. "Besides, I don't like him. I hardly know him."


"Make me. He's a cool guy. I think he said he's from Four Corners or something." 


"You talked to him?" I asked swiveling around to stare at my little brother.


"Yea, we talked about video games. Mom invited him over for dinner. So dress nicely for your prince."


"Shut up!" I screamed throwing a pillow at him. So much for him being sweet.


"Make me!" Darwin screamed back and slammed the door shut. 


"Why me?" I asked the picture in front of me. I looked into the window next door and saw Zak shirtless, with only a towel covering his lower half. I let my mouth drop open, and drool start running down my face. He was a god. Sculpted from the finest marble, he had everything my friends drooled over in the magazines. Abs, the 'V' whatever that was, and he was tan and totally hairless on the back and chest. He was definitely attractive. Possibly the only guy who will ever give me the time of day. I had to talk to him before dinner, before my parents embarrassed me to no return from Dweebville. I dressed quickly in shorts and the nicest 'v' neck shirt I owned. I braided my unmanageable curls and ran across the lawn to his front door.


Zak's POV:


I saw her looking at me, and smiled. The game has begun. I walked to the front door, in just the towel and answered on the third trill of the bell. Her expression made me smile as she took in my half covered body. I made sure to keep my body in tip top shape; because what girl would refuse to talk to a 'God' like me?


"Hello? How may I help you?" I asked, since I still didn't know her name...I knew her brother, and her mother and I'd be in her house later tonight, but I didn't know her. 


"Hi, I live next door. You met my brother earlier today. I just wanted to introduce myself."


"Oh, well I'm Zak Pierce."


"I'm Elizabeth Warren."


"Elizabeth is such a pretty name."


"Thank you. Zak is not very common around here."


"I've gathered." I said smiling, "You're mother was determined my name was Yak."


"You're hilarious. My mother was just kidding. So, are you coming to dinner?"


"Yes, why, don't you want me to?" I asked her, faking the look of disappoint on my face.


"No, I do want you to come...I was just making sure."


"Don't worry Lizzy, I'll be there."


"Good." She turned to leave and I closed the door. I pulled on a sweatshirt and and jeans and went into the basement to begin soundproofing. And setting up my toys and other such things. I wasn't sure when I would take her, but I wanted to be ready when I did. Nothing's more embarrassing then a kidnapper being so sloppy that he didn't even have restraints for his victim.


Elizabeth's POV:


He called me Lizzy. He already has a nickname for me? We hardly know one another, how'd he know I preferred Lizzy to Elizabeth? I had to dress nice for tonight. My love life depended on it... it was a Saturday night, I should be studying but what the hell. I'd been studying for two years, what difference will one Saturday make? I hurried up to my bathroom to shower and to find something to wear for tonight.


After I finished showering I found the velvet dress my mother had bought for me, but I could never find a place or occasion to wear it. It was emerald green, it dipped into a not so conservative 'V' giving the impression of cleavage, the hem ended at mid thigh, and left little to the imagination, it was a mid sleeve and the back was covered in lace. It was perfect.


I tried on shoes and finally opted on wearing none. I picked out a necklace and smiled. Now to groom my hair. I found the Taming mousse my mother had thought to give me, and began the chore that was brushing and styling my curls. When I was satisfied I walked down the stairs to get my mother's approval.


"Why, Lizzy you look beautiful. Is all this for our dinner guest?"


"I want to make a good impression. And I feel pretty."


"Well you look it." my father said from the doorway.


"Daddy! You're home early!" For once, I added in my head.


"Yes, I'm just as excited to meet our new neighbor. Did you study at all today?"


"A little." I lied.


Why did I have to study? I've been studying for two years. I knew every problem in that book by heart. I'd ace the test no problem. I'd have perfect scores, and I'll have the life my father never had. I'd go to Harvard and become a lawyer. Just like Daddy wanted to be but couldn't because of the I helped set the table and Dweeb, I mean Darwin watched with a disgusted look on his twelve year old face.


"I can see your boobs." 


"So? Mom and Daddy didn't seem to mind. After-all mom got me this dress."


"But did you have to wear it?"


"You said yourself to dress nicely, so I did. Suck it up Dweeb you can't have everything." I said as the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!"


"Of course you will." Darwin whispered. "I said he was cool, but not safe." 


I answered the door and took in Zak, literally I smelled him, well not noticeably but I did. He smelled of cinnamon and Christmas time. He wore a white button up shirt and black jeans and white converse. He wore a Rolex on one wrist and a gold chain around his neck. His black hair was swept back and allowed his green eyes to be visible. 


"Hello Lizzy, you look ravishing."


"Thank you, you look very handsome." I stepped aside so Zak could come in. 


"This is a very nice home you keep Mrs. Warren."


"Why thank you Zak." my mother replied as she stepped into the foyer. "Elizabeth helps as much as she can, but schooling comes first in her father's eyes. She's been studying for the SAT's for two years, and is taking them next month, right dear?"


"Yes mom." 

"Come on Zak I'll show you the dining room. Dinner will be ready soon." Zak followed me down the corridor that emptied out into one of the biggest rooms in the house, the master suite being the biggest of them all. I seated him in Darwin's usual spot; next to me, Darwin could sit next to father tonight.


"I'll be right back, would you like something to drink?"


"Water is fine." I went into the kitchen through the saloon styled doors and filled Zak's cup, 


"Mom, do you need any help?"


"No, go and get to know Zak, he seems like a nice boy. Shame he's all alone." 


"Alright." I glanced back at her once before finally leaving and giving Zak the water. "So, where are you from?"


"Four Corners, a small town almost exactly on top of where the Four States meet."


"Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah; right?"




"Why'd you decide to move to Podunk central?"


"I needed some change after some, personal tragedies."


"Oh, I'm sorry. It was rude of me to ask."


"No, its fine. Its natural for one to be curious about a stranger."


"You're hardly a stranger."


"Oh, is that so?"


"Well, in a small town like this; no one's a stranger for long." I said. Zak just smiled and we sat in silence for a while until my mother and the rest of the family brought out dinner. "You're in for a treat, my mother makes the best sweet potato casserole in the county."


"Good thing I like sweet potatoes." Zak said. "This looks amazing Mrs. Warren." 


"I'm sure hope it tastes amazing!" my mother said happily. "Well dig in." My mother urged us. I grabbed the serving spoon on the casserole and scooped some on Zak's plate.


"So, Zak, is 'Zak' short for anything?"


"Uh, no its not. Its just Zak."


"Oh, well its a very interesting name..."


"Around here? I've gathered as much. Your wife tried telling me my name was Yak or something along those lines."


"Oh, Zak I simply misheard you! I actually find the name endearing. I think I've heard the name Zak somewhere but I just can't remember where." my mother said, "How's the casserole dear?"


"Great. I can believe its the best."


"Why thank you. Darwin, you've hardly touched your casserole, its your favorite."


"I'm just not that hungry, that's all. You know I love it." I glanced at my twelve year old brother and wondered what was wrong. Darwin was always eating he wasn't that hungry on casserole night?


"Dar, are you sure you're alright?" I said, my voice clearly coated in worry.


"Yes, I'm fine. May I be excused?"


"Of course. I'll be up to check on you soon." my mother said, her maternal instincts kicking in. She hated when either of us got so much as a scrape. She called herself a bad mother if we lost so much as a drop of blood. 


"Night Darwin."


"Night Liz." Darwin disappeared and I looked at his swirled around casserole. 


"Sorry about that. Darwin is, well actually he's usually the social one. Its Lizzy who we have to pull by the hair to go outdoors. I wonder what's the matter with him?" my father whispered. "I'm going to go talk to him." 


"Well, I best be going anyway, I have work early in the morning."


"Well, it was nice of you to stop by. I hope we can do this again."


"Me too. Good night Lizzy."


"Let me walk you out." I excused myself from the table and went to show him to his own door. "So, how was dinner?"


Zak's POV:


"Great, actually. Its the best dinner I've had in a long time." I told her, trying to get her to like me a little bit more, by sweet talking her mother's recipe. 


"So its just you?" I smiled at that question. My parents were most definitely dead, I should know, I killed them.


"Yes. My parents up and abandoned me a few years ago. Left me the money I needed to get by for a lifetime and have never contacted me." Which was only half true, they did abandon me, but not because they wanted to. Heaven knows how overbearing they had been. And they did leave me a large sum of money. The rest I made off of ransom money for the girls. And my parents never did contact me again.


"You don't think they're-"


"Dead? No, they're in the Andes or something. Or my luck stuck on an exotic island in the middle of the Pacific." that made Lizzy do a nervous giggle, like she was unsure I was serious or being funny.


"So, um it was great having you for dinner. In the fall, are you joining us at Claire Academy?"


"Is that the high school?"




"Yes, you'll be seeing a lot more of me. I assure you. Goodnight Lizzy. Sleep well."


"You too." I bent down and kissed her cheek before entering my home.


I watched her go from the peephole, she held her cheek, with a dazed expression on her face. Perfect. I walked up the steps and readied myself for bed, and wondered when I would take her. Tonight? No much too soon, but when? As my head hit the pillow I suddenly remembered something, the SAT's. Perfect. I'll snag her at the school and take her here.


I won't restrain her, that would cause too much suspicion, instead by then we'll be friends and she'll trust me enough to take her back to my place. Perfect. Perfect Zak, what a grand idea. This plan shall not fail. Not this time.

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