The Missing

Elizabeth Warren wasn't a typical eighteen year old girl. Mostly because she was always at home and always studying for the SAT's for two years straight. She doesn't hang around many people, only having two true friends, because of a nasty rumor. She's dead set on leaving the small town of Lake Claire, Nebraska. Even if it is because her father wants her to fulfill the wish and life he couldn't, that is until she meets Zak Pierce, the dreamy new addition to the 700+ population.

Zak Pierce has a history of leaving girl's in the dust... Literally. There's a dirty past that Zak is covering up. A string of disappearances that he was the key suspect in. Who is Zak Pierce, and will Elizabeth join what the police and the FBI have called The Missing?

*Warning, all places, people, or happenings are strictly of the author's imaginations. This novel is purely for entertainment and not meant to be used as a guide for actual kidnappings. *


6. Motel

Zak's POV

I heard a faint little moan from behind me. Smiling delightfully, I turned around to the slightly battered young girl on the bed that I sat on.


"Mornin' Lizz." I said looking behind me, turning off the television simultaneously, "How'd you sleep?"


"I had an awful dream that my boyfriend kidnapped me." she said sarcastically.


"No need to be rude my dear. Now, let's be honest I'm not your boyfriend. I did kidnap you, and I did kill Wyatt."


"You're sick!" She cried, after she calmed some she whispered, "Why me?"


"I'm not sure. Something about you Elizabeth Warren called to me. You're like a drug I can't get off of, you're my addiction and the longer I'm with you, the more I can feel myself changing. Usually by now the girl I had chosen would be dead. But no, not you Lizzy I took far greater precautions with you-I dowsed the basement with pig's blood, to make the fools believe you were dead, I dumped Wyatt in plain sight so they would be distracted with him, I killed your uncle and hid your car where no one would find and took the GPS out of it and shipped it to a different country. They're never going to find you Lizzy. I made sure nothing was left behind. No one knows my true identity. No one knows me. No one knows you."


"Why? Why kill Ray and Wyatt?"


"Why Lizzy don't you remember? All those years ago alone with Ray?"


"SHUT UP! Uncle Ray never touched me!"


"Oh but he did Lizzy;he told me so when he was shaking with fear for his own life, he confessed to it all. I did the world a justice when I took his life. The sick bastard took you as his Lizzy! Don't defend him! He's more of a monster than I am! I would never do that, never would I even consider taking a young girl's virtue, especially one of my own blood! " Lizzy was silent, she looked as if she was trying to remember. I stood close to her, my face inches from her's. 


"Get away from me!" I obliged- God knows I didn't need the neighbors banging on the door or the cops showing up for a domestic violence call. I sat on the opposite bed and stared at her instead. I wanted to soak in her beauty before I eventually killed her for real. I would take her back to Lake Claire, maybe dump her by the town's namesake. "You're going to kill me aren't you? That's why you're telling me all this?"


"Eventually. I won't tell you when, I want that to be a surprise." I stood up and went out the door, making sure the curtains were shut and the door locked. I got into my car and drove for awhile. I didn't know where I was going, but I did look for dumping grounds, places where Lizzy would be found within hours and not days or weeks. But Lake Claire would be the best option. The thought of killing Lizzy made my stomach churn, something killing hadn't done...ever. I had never felt nauseous when I killed someone or when I was planning to. Lizzy was different, would I be able to kill her? Much less if I did, would I be able to dump her? 


I returned to the motel shortly after and walked in to find Lizzy fast asleep. Probably didn't come easy for her. I switched on the television and watched the updated news channel. 


"New information has come in involving the Elizabeth Warren kidnapping case and the homicide of Wyatt Smith. Fingerprints were found at the scene of the crime, and they seem to match a Nathan Cross. Nathan Cross hails from Four Corners Colorado and was last known as the alias Zak Pierce. He was last seen with Elizabeth Warren on Saturday May 25. Ray Warren was also reported missing from his garage on North Street the following Sunday. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts on either Elizabeth Warren, Ray Warren or Nathan Cross A.K.A Zak Pierce do not hesitate to contact the hot line below."


Shit, I wasn't as careful as I thought I was. I would have to kill Lizzy and dump in the wee hours of morning, or not kill her at all and let her go home. Let her become the infamous only survivor of the group, The Missing, or keep her with me forever, have her help me care for the girls, and help me dispose of the bodies. Entertain the guests I might have;although the very thought sickened me. I would rather have her dead then sold out like a prostitute. As I thought of my plans for Lizzy, a picture of her popped up on the screen, along with a picture of me. Shit balls and mother Mary. The loud mouth guy next door most definitely watches the news. I had to get Lizzy out of here, but where would I go, she would put up a fight this time... I ran out of chloroform ages ago. Its not something you just go out and buy no questions asked. The process is extensive and expensive not my favorite 'e' words.  I got up and switched off the lights. I picked up the knife I had stowed away under my coat and just beneath my waist line. 


"I'm sorry Liz." I plunged the knife deep into her heart, she woke up just in time to take her last breath.




"tard. I know Liz I'm sorry. I really did care for you." She gurgled something incorrehent and I went to work getting ready to dispose of her. It was midnight- I had three hours to dump her and run. I wrapped her up in the shower curtain and then I made sure the nosy neighbor wasn't paying attention. He wasn't even in, good sign for me. Her blood had seeped into the mattress but I couldn't do much about that. I slung my bag over my shoulder and dragged her dead body towards my car. Lizzy was just wasn't fair-was it? I drove towards Lake Claire and dumped her body by the Lake. No one was around so I took my time arranging her body. I changed her clothes, and folded her hands onto her chest around a rose. I outlined her body in wildflowers, like the scene from The Hunger Games  I said my goodbyes and drove off-I didn't know where I was going but so far her kidnapping had only made the local news. I could still get out of the country through Canada. I drove to the border, careful not to be caught by guards. With my usual luck I found them asleep by the time I made it to the border. I drove to the nearest airport and bought the first ticket available.


I didn't know where I was going until I checked my terminal. London. Hmmm there was potential in London. I sat in my seat, fidgeting I didn't want the plane to turn on the news, what if the FBI had this go national? Or International? The Flight Attendant instructed us through the seat belt and other procedures and we were in the air. I was safe, at least for now-all I had to worry about now was Interpol and my own guilt. I loved Lizzy Warren and I had killed her. I could've just let her live and I didn't. I didn't want anyone else to have her-if I couldn't be with her, no one could. So I took her life. Tears sprang into my eyes, and I let them cascade down my face...they were hot tears filled with salty guilt and anxiety my hands were shaking, and I knew I was having an anxiety attack-although I had never had one before this. Maybe its because I never left the country before now...or maybe its because I killed the one girl I could picture a life with.



Agent Tindall's POV:


The lights of the police sirens lit up the early morning, and cut through the fog that hung eerily over Lake Claire. Just by the eastern bank was an odd formation of flowers. I swallowed the bile and walked towards the witness who had found the body, which unfortunately was Mrs. Warren, out for her morning run.


"Mrs. Warren."


"Oh Agent Tindall! Its Lizzy my Lizzy, she's dead! That bastard killed her!"


"Shh now Mrs. Warren. We will find him I promise you."


"Oh, he's probably out of the country by now!"


"Interpol already knows about him, all I have to do is tell them its now a double homicide."


"Okay...but I want him caught!"


"We will catch him don't worry about a thing. Now why don't you go on home so I can focus on Lizzy."




"I'll be by the house later." Mrs. Warren turned and jogged off. I went towards the body and knelt down. This was different then the other girls, his M.O had changed. He actually made a pyre for her out of flowers and arranged her body nicely. Almost like he had a bout of regret.Of compassion when he dumped her.


"Looks like Cross actually cared." I said in between notes. 


"Yep looks like it, but not enough to spare her life. It was one swift stab into the heart. Quick and easy she probably never felt it. Almost looks like she's asleep." the coroner said sadly. 


"Bag her up, I want all these flowers collected. These ain't the clothes she was killed in." I shouted at the CSU team. 


"Anything for Agent Tindall." a sarcastic rookie said rolling his eyes,


"Look rookie, I'm the lead investigator on this case, therefore I  give the orders. I'm stationed right outside this crappy town and this case was handed to me. I've been with it since the beginning. This sicko has been creating chaos for me and the bureau for awhile now and I want him stopped. If you truly care about his girl, you would do as I say without snarky comebacks. Is that understood?"


"Yes sir." the rookie went back to collecting each of the flowers. I went ahead and gave the go to bag the body and move to the coroner's office, twenty or so miles east of Lake Claire. I walked back to my car and made my journey to the Warren residence. If I was to find this killer, I needed to know how he thought, and how he hunted. How did he infiltrate their family? Mr Warren came off as a anti-social kind of guy who didn't trust many people. I never noticed a television or any other electronic device besides the usual microwave and home phone. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Warren had showered and changed her clothing. Her hair remained unbrushed, and rested in wet, dripping clumps on her shoulders, soaking through her cardigan. 


"Mrs. Warren. I am so sorry for your loss."


"Thank you Agent." Mrs. Warren stepped aside so I could enter and I found the rest of the family in the living room, teary eyed, and in a trance of some kind. The youngest, the brother stood when I entered, the father being too much in the stupor of shock to do much of anything-much less the man responsible for finding his only daughter's killer.


"We know who did it." Mr Warren spoke, mostly to himself before I even had the chance to sit next to Darwin.


"Excuse me?"


"It was that Zak kid. He was too nice to be normal." Mr. Warren continued without acknowledging I was even there.


"What do you know of Zak Pierce?"


"Nothing besides what Lizzy told us, which wasn't much to be honest. He moved in next door a little over two months ago...I invited him over to dinner the next day."


"The day after he moved in?"


"Yes. He was talking to Lorraine McDonald the day he moved in, and he worked at the diner in town. Lizzy and Zak looked to be in love you know? Like a fairy tale of some kind. But now I know it was just a horrible Stephen King story." Mrs Warren said in between sobs.


"Okay, do you know where Raymond Warren could be?"


"No, my brother had nothing to do with this. He loved Lizzy."


"A little too much, we checked his apartment to be sure and we found pictures of Lizzy in inappropriate poses to be family portraits."


"Can we see them?"


"I have them in my car, I haven't had the chance to file them." I stood and went to get the photos. God only knew why they wanted to see them. I picked up the manila envelope and brought inside. I handed the envelope to Mr Warren, and he opened it gingerly. 


"That BASTARD! To my baby girl!" Mr. Warren yelled, Mrs. Warren took the photos and screamed, dropping them to the floor. 


"Ray, did this to my baby? He posed her like some sex doll, she was only twelve in this picture!" Mrs. Warren said pointing to one of her only in her bra, and a sex toy between her legs. 


"You wished to see them miss." I put them away and they just stare at me. "Now then. Let's be civil about this. I have little doubt that it was Cross-- I mean Pierce who killed her. However, Ray could have had the potential after years of sexual abuse to Lizzy, maybe he felt some guilt and killed her, then fled. Or killed himself. I'm in favor of the Zak Pierce theory, but this does mean we need to stop the hunt party and investigate Ray's whereabouts as well."


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