Dear diary, One Direction adopted me?!


3. tired

I stood up and got changed. my dress is the same since I got here. it's brown with stitches of different cloth and it was washed only once per week, while they get their dresses washed each day. and they have 5 dresses each. after I cleared my mind I went to miss Barrectte. we all stood in a line, I was last. " well girls they have arrived! and you know what to do." she said nicely. she looked at me. " you, go start cleaning the basement!". as usual I get to clean. I barley get to meet the guests who come to adopt. All the other girls got to go and impress them. while I stayed in this filthy basement and cleaned until dawn. the basement was coved with spiderwebs and sometimes I spy a couple of rats. I started thinking, thinking of my life before this and what will happen after. I notice it's 8:00. I put the broom aside and go upstairs to bed. Everyone was still here and happy. I just slipped into my bed and instantly fell asleep.

The next morning I realized I slept we'll and that was odd since they always wake me up one way or another. I stood up and noticed everything was quiet as a mouse. I got up and everyone was still asleep. I decided to look around. I was never aloud to because miss Barrectte always checked on us so we wouldn't. I went in a hall I've never noticed before. I saw. pictures. of more girls. but she never mentioned them. or any of them. I heard a door open.

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