Dear diary, One Direction adopted me?!


5. them

I was just 3 girls away from meeting them. And each time a girl came out from the back door I knew they weren't leaving. I saw them talking excitingly. that just made me more nervous than I already am. breath in breath out. i told myself. Sylvia was in front of me. "hi... don't be nervous.. because IM THE ONE GETTING ADOPTED." she whispered in my ear. I Tried to stop but it didn't want to work. I overheard them talking to sylvia. they had a friendly british accent. there was about 4 or 5, I couldn't make it out. One of them said " Ello I'm l~~~ and I love carr~~s". Before I eavesdropped they had already introduced them self. I only heard that last voice. " so what may be your favorite color?"one of them said clearly. I heard Sylvia "OMG! I know it's between pink and dark purple.hmmmm I guess I'll have to go with pink". one of them chuckled. they talked for about 2 more mins and then it was my turn. I don't think I should do this. I told myself. I don't know if I should go. I'm scared. "next!" someone in the room yelled. ughh what do I do?!!


Sorry I know :( this one is really short but I will make the next one a bit longer :) thanks for reading xxx

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