Dear diary, One Direction adopted me?!


2. orphanage

All of a sudden I woke up by a weird feeling. I felt something moving by my leg. I got so scared I could hardly breathe. it was running up my sides to my neck. I thought it would climb in my mouth, so I threw it to the ground and stood suddenly. I heard laughter and whispers. I knew it was a rat since the orphan girls always put a rat in my bed every Saturday at 8:00. for four years. Then, I got up and went to take a cold shower. all the other girls got warm water. I wonder how it feels to take a bath in warm water. I guess I'll never know. After I changed, miss Barrectte came over and started yelling at me " GET OUT OF MY WAY! YOU RAT LOVER!" she started walking to the girls and I overheard. " hi my pretty princesses! so I've heated that today some people will come to see you guys and might even adopt you! Now go get dressed in your new dresses". she left them with a smile and came toward me with a mad ugly frown. " AND YOU! GO GET CHANGED IN YOUR OLDEST DRESS! OR NO SUPPER FOR 3 DAYS!!" she said. i started walking to the closet up stairs and they followed me. oh no not again. " what do you think your doing!? We are supposed to go first, since we are the best and get the dresses! not like you!" all of a sudden Sylvia pushes me and I fall down the stairs ( 5 steps). they start laughing. " ha she'll never be better than us or that rat in her bed! hehe". I just sit there. and start crying. when will I ever leave this place.

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