Dear diary, One Direction adopted me?!


1. introduction

I'm Clara an ordinary 17 year old girl who now lives in an orphanage. I've been stuck in this nightmare for over 4 years and I'm still waiting for them. The ones who will save me. since I got here she started making my life miserable. And her name is Sylvia, the prettiest one and the meanest one. She is my bully and bullies me everyday until I'm gone. Which will be never since I've tried 465 times each year to get adopted. I guess I'm just too.. Ordinary... Weird and ugly. They all call me " butler girl" and make me do everything. Even the orphan teacher makes fun of me, I call her orphan teacher but her name is Miss Barrectte. it sounds like Barrett but you pronounce the c. Well anyways, one day Miss Barrectte sent me to bring flour. I have to do what she says because if I don't I will get whipped. When I came walking up the stairs, some one threw 2 buckets of water at me! and then I notice Sylvia running to me with a bag of flour, it opened. I got so dirty!! I got scared, my heart started pounding fast.

I kept going up the stairs till I got there. Miss Barrectte looked at me really furious. " CLARA!! YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING!! NO WONDER YOU NEVER GOT ADOPTED!! YOU FOOL!!GO TAKE A COLD SHOWER!! NOW!AND NO DINNER FOR YOU!" said Miss Barrectte. after I left I heard all of them laugh ( Sarah & Daniela had kitchen duty so they didn't know) even Miss Barrectte! I started crying in the shower. I wished for someone to save me, and to love me for who I am, but who is it? or should I say who ARE they?

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