Dear diary, One Direction adopted me?!


4. change

I heard a door open.... "What do I do" I told myself. I ran back to my bed, but accidentally stepped on something and it made a noise. I heard footsteps getting closer. I went into my bed and pretended to be asleep. I knew it was miss Barrectte. Fewwwww I said. I started to fall asleep.

In the morning miss Barrectte decided to make pancakes for the girls. how do I know that. I could smell it even in my deepest dream. pancakes where my absolute favorite especially blueberry. The bad thing is that I can't have one.

I guess I'll just have to maybe eat the left overs if there are any. then I remembered. the pictures. who are those girls? and what happened to them? I was so into my thoughts I didn't notice miss Barrectte." Good morning c-clara"she said. I was surprised she would say something like that to me. " would you like pancakes with syrup?"she tried to smile but failed.i nodded and she brought me three pancakes with syrup on top and even blueberries! "thanks" I whispered. she looked at me and then left. it feels like someone was watching her or something.i know how much she hates me, so why now?

After I finished my pancakes and licked cleaned the plate. "everyone go get dressed visitors are coming!" I put my plate in the kitchen sink and waited till everyone got up. "Clara go get your dress, or did I forget to tell u that I bought you a dress?". I was so surprised to jogged up the stair and looked for my dress. OH MY GOD!! it was so beautiful! it was lavender with white lace on the bottom. it was sparkly too . I am In LOVE.i put it on and loved the way it looked. I saw Sylvia looking at me. she came closer. "hi ya dork, how was shut eye, we were to busy making pancakes to bother you today." she said. " hopefully when this all over I can still put that rat in your bed. hahahaha and anyways the rat told me it misses hugging you." I heard them laugh, I didn't care. it's time for me to move On and forget them. I decided to ignore them." Alright girls go in your position!" miss Barrectte yelled. we did as she said. I was confused. was I actually going to try to be adopted? I had a feeling about this.

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