Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


8. Tag You're It

You loved to play with the boys. Ever since you met them, you could tell playing with the Winchester brothers would be interesting. Whenever you had free time between cases, you'd be the one to think up a solution for your boredom. You'd had water gun games, capture the flag, hide and seek, relay races, and your latest plan, tag.

Each game was taken to an extreme measure, none of the childish rules. Even Cas had joined in on a few games. You were planning a game of tag to cure the boredom you and the Winchesters had. You strode into the library, beaming. Dean and Sam looked up and their faces lit up immediately. "What game now?" Dean asked.

"Tag." You said.

"Tag?" Sam raised his eyebrows. "What're the rules?"

"First of all, we're only allowed to run and hide in the forest. We each have a 'Get out of Hell Free' card. You can only use it once. If you get tagged you're allowed to have a ten second head start from the tagger." You started to explain.

"So what's the twist?" Dean asked.

You grinned with a mischievous glint in your eyes. "The twist is that we're all it."

The boys looked each other before glancing back at you. "So we're all trying to tag each other?" Sam stated rather than asked.

You nodded excitedly and the boys grinned. "I'm in." Dean stood, followed by Sam.

And now you were here, hiding behind a large fallen tree, listening for any footsteps. An hour, that's how long you three had been going at it. Sam had caught Dean once, and Dean had used his 'Get out of Hell Free' card once. Ironic really. And Dean had managed to get you. So you and Dean both had one life left and Sam had two. A while ago, however, you and Dean had ran into each other and agreed to go after Sam.

You heard a twig snap and whipped your head around. You slowly leaned over the fallen tree and looked around. There was no one in sight. You tried to calm your beating heart when you heard a little rustle. You sat back down, whoever they were they weren't being subtle. Then you heard the very soft thud of feet. Taking a deep breath you leaped over the fallen tree and lunged at whoever it was.

"(Y/N)?!" Dean shouted.

You yelped and reeled back in surprise. "Sonovabitch, (Y/N)." Dean grumbled.

"Sorry." You smiled sheepishly.

"Dean?" You heard Sam call.

You bolted from the area, not wanting to be anywhere near Sam. You heard Sam running behind you and willed your legs to find the energy to go faster. Eventually you found two large, dense bushes and crawled under them. You sat still, waiting for Sam. A few minutes later you saw him. You froze as he looked around.

He turned and started to head away from you. You took a deep breath and wiggled out. Slowly and quietly you followed Sam. When his back came into view, you ran forward and tagged him. The younger Winchester stumbled forward and whipped around. You shrieked and took off in the other direction with the giant right behind you.

Reaching a clearing, you stopped and turned around. Sam stopped a few feet from you and you two started to circle each other. "Come on (Y/N), give up already." Sam said.

"No way Jose." You snapped.

"We both know you can't beat me. And how're you going to get away? Call for dean?" Sam taunted.

You swallowed and an idea suddenly blossomed. "Wait, let's call it a draw." You offered.

Sam narrowed his eyes, but relaxed like you did. "A draw?"

"Yeah. We both win." You said.

"Really?" Sam knit his eyebrows together.

You smirked. "Hell no!" You yelled and shoved him.

Sam stumbled back and you whooped in triumph. "Take that Winchester!" You cried out.

Sam grinned and you were suddenly thrown over his shoulder. You yelped and kicked your feet. "Put me down Sam!" You cried.

"No way Jose. Now it's Dean and my turn." You could practically hear his grin.

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