Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


7. Deduction

You were starving. You hadn't eaten in a month, well you'd eaten but it hasn't been a lot. Most of it was small servings of vegetables and fruits, anything healthy. During this whole time you has avoided John and Sherlock, knowing Sherlock would easily deduce that you hadn't been eating. And John, well john wouldn't be happy in the least.

Today, however, Mrs. Hudson had called you over for tea and you had happily accepted. As long as John and Sherlock stayed upstairs, you'd be fine. So you threw on your coat and headed outside. Mrs. Hudson lived only a few blocks away, and you usually took the walk there. However, this time you were out of breath and panting by the time you reached her door. You took a deep breath before knocking on her door.

The door opened to the woman's face and she smiled. "Hello, (Y/N), come in." She said.

You smiled and walked inside, shedding your coat in the process. "Tea, dear?" Mrs. Hudson asked.

"Yes please." You nodded.

You sat down and Mrs. Hudson poured you some tea. As she say down and you started to talk, you became aware of a wonderful smell. "Are you baking Mrs. Hudson?"

"Why yes! I just finished a batch of cookies, would you like some?"

You were tempted to day yes but then remembered why you had gone on this stupid diet. You swallowed and shook your head. "No thank you Mrs. Hudson." You declined.

"(Y/N)?" A familiar voice said.

You turned and your eyes widened. "Oh, John, hello." You greeted.

Behind him came Sherlock, who took one glance at you and said, "You haven't eaten in a month."

You silently cursed him, but nodded in defeat. "Yes, I haven't."

Johns eyes widened and he rushed forward. "(Y/N)! What are you thinking?" He scolded you.

You looked down, and felt tears well up. "I just, I wanted to be pretty." You choked out.

"Pretty? Why would you starve yourself? You're already very beautiful." John said.

You felt tears fall down your face. "I'm too big. And no one wants a big girl."

John rolled his eyes. "(Y/N), first of all, you are not big and even if you were you would still be beautiful. Now come on, Mrs. Hudson fetch some cookies." John said.

You smiled a bit. "Thank you John." You murmured.

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