Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


11. Cool Touch

You let out a loud sigh and pushed away from the computer, running your hand through your hair. All day you had been working away trying to finish the fifteen page essay your professor had wanted your class to write. You'd been researching by heading to the library in town and checking books out on the subject. You'd alternated from books to the internet and then taking breaks in between. Maybe procrastinating until the last minute was something you shouldn't have done, but you had thought that you would be able to do it. And you had done it. Only you finished very late into the night.

Your stomach growled and you trudged into your kitchen to heat up last nights leftovers. As you ate you thought about what tomorrow would be like. Hopefully your professor would like your essay. As you finished your dinner you leaned back and your head bumped into something warm and solid. You craned your neck back to stare up at your boyfriend. "Hey Bucky." You smiled.

He frowned down at you, disappointment in his eyes. You knit your eyebrows together, confused as to why he would be upset. Then it occurred to you that you hadn't paid attention to him all day. He'd attempted to pull you away for just a little walk to help you and he'd tried to talk to you when you took breaks but you had continually told him that you needed to be alone. You groaned and rubbed your face with your hands. "Look, I'm sorry Bucky, but I really needed to finish this. I'll make it up to you tomorrow okay?" You offered a weak smile.

He grabbed your hand and stood you up. "I'm not mad." He muttered as he scooped you up bridal style.

You giggled. "You aren't?"

"No, I was worried about you." Bucky said as though it should be obvious.

You sighed and rested your head on his solid chest. He carried you into your shared bedroom and lowered to onto the bed. He pulled back the sheets and climbed in next to you. You let out a yawn and rolled over onto your side. You felt Bucky's chest press up against you and you smiled as your eyes closed. As you drifted off to sleep, you felt his metal arm running along your sides, lifting your shirt to run against your skin. The cool metal left a trail of goosebumps in its wake.

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