Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


9. Coffee and Panties

You hummed and held the cup of coffee close to your chest. The sunlight warmed your naked body as you headed toward your kitchen. An hour ago you and your boyfriend had had intercourse before he had left for work. Now, still feeling the afterglow of sex, you danced through your apartment. As you turned the corner, you screamed.

When you jumped, some of your coffee went flying from your cup. You set it on one of the vanities and covered yourself. Standing there, examining your undergarments, was Sherlock Holmes. "Sherlock!" You shouted.

He gave you a glance before turning back to your panties and bra. "You've just had sex." He said.

"Why yes, I have. Maybe if you got out more instead of breaking into my apartment and holding my undergarments, you'd have sex too." You retorted.

He snorted and threw you your bra. You quickly fastened it on and said, "My panties."

Sherlock glanced at the tag and tossed them to you. "You shouldn't drink so much coffee. It's not good for your figure." He said as you slipped them on.

You froze and slowly turned your gaze toward the dark haired man. "Excuse me?" You growled out.

"The tag on your panties indicates that your rear and hips are large, though I can see that on an everyday occurrence."

You shook with anger. Sherlock was coming into your apartment and scolding you about your drinking habits with coffee? He was judging your body? You stood up straight and stalked toward him until you stood arms length from him. He raised an eyebrow and you smacked him. Hard. He stepped back and held his rapidly reddening cheek. You continued walking toward him, causing him to walk backwards. "You can't break into my apartment and scold my appearance or what I drink. My thighs and butt may be larger than most girls that people deem beautiful and the right size for girls but I'll have you know I am just as beautiful as them."

You took a deep breath as Sherlock hit your door. "I will not have you walk in here without permission and tell me that my body isn't well enough. Now good day Mr. Holmes." You hissed cooly.

You grabbed his coat, yanked open the door, and shoved him out. The door slammed and you locked it, feeling happy about how you handled that. You heard a knock on the door and ignored it, grabbing you coffee and heading toward the couch. Your phone rang, and the knocks continued but you continually ignored them. Finally, after many minutes, you heard your lock click. You stood and grabbed a pillow, running toward the door. The moment Sherlock stepped in he was berated by your pillow. You smacked him with it until he grabbed it and yanked it from you.

"(Y/N)! Stop that!" He scolded.

You snarled at him. "I told you to leave." You said through gritted teeth.

Sherlock sighed. "John told me I should apologize. I realize what I said can really affect you and I hope you can forgive me."

The line sounded forced and practiced and the fact he had called john for what to do was no better. But, it wasn't often Sherlock Holmes apologized, so you'd let it slide this once. "Fine, I forgive you. But you need to do one thing." You grinned.

Later, outside of Sherlocks place, you knocked on the door. Instead of mrs. Hudson, it was John, perfect. "John look at what Mr. Holmes is wearing." You smiled.

Johns eyes widened and he paled. Behind you stood Sherlock in a pair if your pink panties with bows in his hair. People walked by and gawked, and it was a wonder why a cop hadn't stopped to ask what he was doing. "(Y-Y/N), what did you do?" John stuttered.

"Sherlock must sit on these stairs like this until we have prepared dinner. It'll give him enough time to remember never to insult me again." You smiled sweetly and walked inside, leaving a very embarrassed Sherlock on the steps.

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