Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


10. Bar Fight

You sat drinking god knows what kind of drink, hunched over and regretting your decision on coming here. Recently your boss had changed your work hours to a later time, resulting in you working later and getting minimal sleeping time. Your friends had said you were too grumpy and that you needed to get out more. Knowing you wouldn't win, you agreed to go out. 

So here you sat, your friends already off flirting in this dingy bar. The alcohol was doing its job, you felt the buzz, slightly dizzy and more confident and determined to find someone in this place. You sat up and scoured the area. Your gaze landed on an odd group. A blue man with, you presumed were, red tattoos all over sat with a raccoon, a green lady, a fairly large tree like man, and a human man. From the back you only saw his broad shoulders and ginger hair. You leaned back, trying to catch a glimpse of him to see if he was worth your time. 

With a puff of annoyance, you leaned back toward you drink after catching only a fleeting glance of part of the mans profile. As you took a sip of your drink, a heavy hand landed on your back, causing you to jump and ultimately spit out your drink. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand and turned around, ready to tell off whoever it was who scared you. There stood a very large man with a nasty yellow smile and much too greased back hair that you presumed he had tried to dye red but failed, resulting in a color that reminded you of bloody vomit. "Hey there sweet thing, let me buy you a drink." He grinned down at you.

Over his shoulder you spotted a group of four equally terrifying men and one woman, at least you hoped it was a woman, at a table. They were grinning and laughing as they watched him so you got the idea that he was trying to impress them. You rolled your neck and sneered, "I wouldn't let you buy me a drink if we were the last people in the galaxy and I was as horny as a bitch in heat."

The man's smile turned into a tight lipped frown and his hand tightened on your shoulder. "Listen girly, you're going to let me buy you a drink and you're gonna like it." He hissed.

"No, I think you won't. Now get your hand off me before I castrate you." You snapped and stood up.

You were aware that the bar had grown quiet as the people watched you and the man. "Castrate?" the man looked positively confused. 

You snorted. "You're as dumb as you look." 

You reached an tore his arm off you, squeezing it until your knuckles were white. "Listen, bitch, I'm not dumb. Now let go off me before I punch you." He shook your hand off.

You stared boldly up at the man and said, "Why don't you and those pieces of trash you call friends leave me alone before I punch you." 

The people you had just called pieces off trash moved toward you and the man pulled back his fist and swung at you. You barely dodged it before punching him in the gut and taking several quick steps back. You ran into something solid and turned to look at it. The odd group you had scouted out was standing behind you. You finally got a look at the man and concluded he was indeed handsome. You'd have to talk to him later, but right now you had to deal with the bafoons ahead of you. "I'm going to destroy you!" The man bellowed and ran at you.

The look of fury in his eyes made you suddenly very relieved that the group behind you had decided to come to your aid. The buff blue and red man stepped forward and intercepted the man before he could get a foot near you. The blue man reeled back and socked the man in the jaw. That's when all hell broke loose.

You don't remember how long it was before the nasty group had turned tail but you remembered letting out a triumphant cry and pumping your fists in the air despite the black eye, swollen cheek, and bruises along your body from the woman you had fought. The group who had helped you had faired much better than you had. You remembered glimpses of what happened after that. You had drunk a lot more and had flirted with the handsome stranger. You'd stumbled through the streets laughing and there had been a ship. 

The first thing you were aware of a throbbing ache in your head as you rolled over in bed. The second thing you were aware of was that you were naked, sore, and that this wasn't your bed. You sat up quickly, holding the sheets to your chest and glancing around. "Morning Bruiser." A masculine voice said.

You turned to spot the handsome man from the night before holding two cups of a steaming beverage you guessed was coffee. "Bruiser?" You mumbled, rubbing your head as you graciously accepted one of the cups.

"That's what you told me to call you last night." The man smiled.

You frowned as you wracked your head for his name. "Your name is... Peter?" You asked. 

He nodded. "What did we do last night?" You asked again.

"Well, even after being pretty bruised and beaten up, you were adamant about getting me into bed." Peter winked at you.

You groaned. "Explains why I'm super sore and have more bruises than I remember."

Peter grinned and leaned forward. "I could always add to those bruises." 

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