Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


4. A Little Flower

Sobs could be heard coming from one of the rooms on the ship. The Guardians of the Galaxy knew who it was and why they were crying, but didn't know what to do. You were the one crying, huddled up on your bed. The reason for you crying was cliche. You were crying because your boyfriend has dumped you for someone else.

It happened all the time in movies and the next thing that would happen was a handsome man would come in, telling you were beautiful and that your boyfriend was stupid for leaving you. There were handsome men in board, but none of them thought of you in that way and none of them knew how to handle this situation.

And there was no way that you would talk to Gamora about it. So you sat there crying. You looked up when you heard a knock and frowned. It couldn't be Rocket, he made people cry. Drax and Groot probably had no idea what was going on so they were out of the question. Gamora wasn't one to talk about feeling like this. So maybe it was Peter? You sniffled and walked to your door, opening it. Your eyes widened at who you saw.

There stood Groot, smiling down at you before stepping in. You stepped back and tilted your head, aware that your hair was a mess and your eyes were puffy and red. "Groot? What are you doing?" You asked.

"I am Groot." He said.

Small flowers hagan to grow on him and he shook himself. A small cloud of glowing leaves wafted through the air and you giggled. Groot smiled and plucked a beautiful blue flower. He placed it behind your ear and started plucking other flowers. You started to laugh as he placed more flowers in your hair. "Groot!" You giggled and held his hands to stop him.

"I am Groot?" Groot tilted his head.

"Thank you Groot." You smiled and hugged him.

You felt his arms wrap around you and you smile widened. So maybe crying over a break up was cliche, but you were sure that in no movie had a tree cheered up a girl.

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