One Direction Prefernces

I take requests :) just comment


3. P:3- Thing he does to make you blush

Preference 3- The thing he does to make you blush.

Harry- He makes you blush whenever he calls you babe. It's just the way he says it in his deep voice. It's just gives you butterflies all the way up to your cheeks.

Niall- He makes you blush by his amazing Horan hugs. He holds you close and your nose is filled with his scent, and the warmth of his body against yours. They're just so magical.

Louis- He makes you blush whenever he sings the Fray, he loves them and you, so he sings to you a lot. He knows you love to hear his voice because of the cute pinkish color on your cheeks.

Zayn- He makes you blush whenever your focusing on something and he comes up next to you and rubs your lower back with his hands making you relax, making you blush because you know it's him by his touch.

Liam- He makes you blush whenever he quotes Toy Story and Batman and he just sounds so cute when he does it and his face gets all serious, then he notices your watching his face then he blushes which doesn't help your red cheeks.

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