LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


20. Chapter 19: Wrong Fairytale

Something wasn't in the right place. I could feel the danger running up my spine giving me shivers of fear. I looked at Hayes as he kept analyzing me. Do I look like a doll or what?

"It's rude to keep looking at people like that Hayes." I spat as he laughed.

"I am just making sure you really are Alice has passed a lot of centuries and every girl that fell in the hat claimed to be Alice but I think I found the real one."

"Hello....I am right here." Is he blind or what is wrong with the people in here.

"Do you feel that?" I shook my head confused as he pulled me out and we began running.

"What's wrong?" I asked deperate.

"The page was passed that means the Queen of Hearts knows you are here."

"And?" I spat ironically.

"She wants to kill you, Alice." And without thinking.

"But I am not Alice." I frowned by my own ancient and weird confession.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was going crazy. Has passed just four days since she wasn't here anymore and I was going insane.

"You said yesterday there was a book. That you believe she is in there" I asked confused by all that making.

"Qetsiya says that if your read pages of the story then the characters knows you are reading but..."

"But what?! Zayn fucking finish." Yes, I needed his help although I wanted to rip his balls off.

"You pass just one page and the Queen on the first chapter kills Alice." I looked at him bewildered.

"And Alice in the story is..-"

"'s her...." I pulled my hair desperated. This can't be happening to me like right now. There has to be something and like reading my mind Zayn talks.

"You need to draw..." I nodded as he took out an old box from the closet and placed it on the table as he opened it slowly my nervousness increased inside me.

"If I draw like weapons will she be able to use them?" He nods as I looked at the brown but old cover of the book.

"Yes, anything, you can even send her a message." I blew the dust away from the book and opened reading first page.

"Draw like saying we are going to find her or something."I nodded.

"Rescue." It was all I thought as I wrote it in cursive font.

"Gun, knifes,etc." I hope you can use them well and try to find us.

"Should I read all book tod-"

"Do not even think about it. If you do you will kill her because when you end the book. You've-" He got interrupted mid-sentence because Qetsiya entered the salon looking at me smiling.

"I know how to save her....and I can bring her back but I have a price." She smiled evilly as she looked at me.

"Spit it out!" I asked eagerly.

"You stay a night with me and I will do anything in my power to bring Perrie back." I looked at her impressed by her outburst as Zayn smiled at me.

"If you do not want to, you know I am always available." I shook my head laughing sarcastically.

"No way, I'd do anything to save Perrie so I am in." She clapped her hands in victory as she walked over to me and brushed her lips on mine and whispered.

"You will beg for me to fuck you and with this.....mouth" She touched her lips trying to seduce me but I will never fall for her. She is the mother of the love of my life and a complete bitch and slut.

"So If I read second chapter was does happens?"

"She is suffering blood loss....because she is forced to-" I stopped him covering my face as I could feel the tears in my eyes falling down my cheeks as I sobbed.

"Don't!" I screamed as Zayn and he lifted his arms in defense.

"I am sorry I just, she is everything to me and I don't want her to suffer like this." He nodded patting my back.

"If I could just send her a message written by myself."

"Qetsiya said she'll do anything to have you in her bed so ask her to send her a letter doing that witchy thing she does." I nodded as I walked outside to find her smoking.

"I need your help." I went straight to the point.

"I know, just write it down a paper and I'll do the dirty work." I nodded and looked for a pencil and a paper.

Dear Perr,

Forgive me please fi I ever hurt you or disrespect you. I want you to know that you are everything to me. You mean the whole world to me I can't think of a life without you in it. You make feel helpless but at the same time crazy in love much more. My love for you is toxic, magnetic, painful but it has forgiveness. No matter what happens we always are by each others side. And I love you for trusting me but for trusting yourself, for the self-control. You are the light in my darkness and I need you back my love beause without you my life doesn't mean a thing without you here.

My Love Always Yours,


"Here it is..." I gave her the paper as she eyed it and I glared at her.

"Ok,ok,ok no spying in the love letter." She put it on the table as Zayn looked at both us nervous.

"I need something that means the world to her to contact her." I looked around looking for stuffs and she always shook her head in dissaproval.

"Something such as meaningful as giving your own life for other." Zayn looked at me worried.

"You." I looked at him then at her and she approved and I moved closer to her.

"Just six drops of blood and done." I frowned in pain as she slided the knife on my hand.

And after minutes that felt like years she opened her mouth.

"She got the message."

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