LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


18. Chapter 16: Sickness

I woke up feeling like shit. Has passed thousands years since my last menstruation this was going to be big. As I tried to sit a little scream escaped my mouth as I stroke down my belly. Harry got up fsst and ran towards to me and stroke my back as I breathed in and out.

"I feel like I am giving birth." I joked as I felt sweaty and he smiled.

"Don't get too excited because then we need to make a baby." He joked.

"I don't think we are prepared for that." I shook my head.

"We are prepared for anything. I don't mind if tomorrow you tell me we arew having twins." He said like it was the most normal thing in thw world.

"No that is-"I groaned as I felt something hot in my throat. I got up fast not caring about the fucking cramps and fell on my knees vomiting in the toilet. I felt Harry's hand on my back and stroking my hair.

"Come let me clean you." I turned with my eyes closed as he stroke the napkin on my mouth.

"I need my mother." I felt a big headache as I began screaming desperately.

"Shit. How do I?" Tears were on my eyes.

"Call her!" I screamed stroking my forehead.

He ran fast as I felt blood on my mouth. This shit was killing me inside out. I wasn't a vampire anymore this was going to hurt like hell.



"Here I am...what's wrong?" She walked over to me analyzing me.

"She has fretekolus."

"What fuck is that?" I soat as she laughed at my outburst.

"That is the consequences of this powerful spell. You are a witch now and your body is trying to adapt to your powers. This is normal you don't need to worry. One thing clear if you cry blood call me. Do not wait too long." Harry nodded as she said some words to him and left.

"Ok, do you want some noodles?" I nodded as I cleaned my clothes and sat on the bed wathcing some tv.

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