LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


17. Chapter 15: Awkward Moments

I was going to get shower. I felt free and different. I missed this. Feeling the warm. Feeling the love, careness and be really happy. I was pulling my jeans down when I saw blood on them. Damn it!

"H-Harry?" I asked behind the door.

"Yes, what's wrong?" I blushed instantly.

" know those towels I bought like-"

"I am washing them I'll give you one of mines." I laughed.

"No, Harry I mean sanitary towels because I am on my days." I was very ashamed.

"Ohh, I'll be back in a few." I sat on the toilet as the minutes passed by.

30 minutes

1 hour

3 hours

I heard some noises outside so I asked.

"Harry, you there?" I pull my pants on and walked outisde but there was noone there as I remember the words of my mother. They are looking for me.

I closed the door fast as some figure tried to push it but I locked it. I looked around the bathroom for a way to escape bu there was none the only thing I had was doing or trying to do a spell.

"Opren Waltiek Omset!" I said looking at the wall while repeating those words again and again. I felt weak but I kept doing it. Blood was all over my shirt. I heard some growled outisde and I knew Harry was there. I kept doing the spell. As I tried to stop it I couldn't because this spell has his issues when you start you can't stop until you faint. As I tried to stop I felt two arms around me as I fight back.

"It's ok it's me, is me Perr." That is the last I heard before slipping away.

After all I still felt his caring touch touching me and curing me. He showered me and changed me. He kept singing some beautiful song as he stroke my cheek. My head was on his lap.

"H-Harry who were those guys?" I asked confused.

"Do not worry they are not going to hurt you now if I am here."

"But what if you were not?" I said terrified.

"I will always protect you and you know that is my unbreakable promise." He stroke my cheek looking into my eyes.

"Why you care so much for me? Wo am I?" I said nervous.

"Don't understimate yourself, you are beautiful, you are like an angel that lost her wings but I will be your wings. I will fly away with you to the end of the world because you are my everything and if I need to give my life away for yours I will but even I f I don't I got to because your mom put a spell on me to always protect you no matter what." I stood fast mad at him.

"How could you!" I screamed as he tried to persuade me.

"Please, this was my decision if I can't live with you then living doesn't mean a thing to me." He tried to touched my hand but I push it away.

"You know that if you die it will haunt me for the rest of my life. I prefer die than seeing you dying for me. That's not happening." I screamed as I tried to walk to the kitchen he turned me around close to his chest stroking my cheek and looking into my eyes with tears.

"You know I do this because I love you?" I nodded.

"But y-you can't leave me." I sobbed as he nodded.

"Love conquers all..." He whispered as he got close and brushed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as we made out like there was no tomorow.

"I-I love you..." I moaned.

"I love you too princess..." One last kiss and I layed my head on his chest.

"Did you ever bring the-what I asked for?" I stuttered.

"The tampons,kotex, midol for your cycle menstruation. Yes I got them." He was teasing me as I glared at him.

"Not funny at all." I spat.

"For me is very funny you know besides tampons you can use other things." I laughed.

"Yeah, you will need other things to help that desire." I joked as I tried to walk away he prisoned me against the wall.

"We've done a lot of dirty stuffs this not even close to that time you su-" I pressed my thumbs on his mouth.

"Stop it!" I laughed as he smiled.

"Ok so..." I kissed him and what he wanted that is what he got.

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