LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


15. Chapter 13: Weakness

Vervain was the only think I could smell or feel in my body. I felt weak too much. The anger couldn't help me I was in too much vervain. I wanted to rip his head off but I couldn't. "What did you do?" I coughed as Harry walked towards me with a cup of 6 drops of blood. "If I had let you go. I know you will be regreting all you vould have done." He offered the cup but I hit it woth my head and it broke. "If you don't eat a bit you will die and you know it." He spat. "You really think putting me on vervain and prisoning me will bring my humanity back. I don't feel anything. Not even hurt. Don't try." I laughed. "Deeo inside you feel something you just don't want to face it." He stroke my cheek as I closed my eyes with a frown. "Stop."" "See if you were not feeling you will not say stop." "I hate you. My first time was never with you. You make me sick. You were a toy to me." I laughed again. "You don't mean any of that. You don't!" He screamed at me. "I do!" I screamed this time. "Do not listen to her she is going to make you feel angry to kill her." I heard Nikolav voice. "We can make her feel the need of blood." "Don''t Nikolav I'll lose it." I spat. "It will help us to get you back." He look into my eyes. "1 year without blood." I could feel my throat burning and the begging for i growing. "You never mean a thing to me." I said in anger. "4 years...." I began like drooling and I felt like I was been stake in my stomach as growled left my mouth. "6 years only turning into werewolve and without blood." I felt like dying all over again. "20 years with both." "You were only a bloodbag to me." "I think we are getting closer." Nikolav said as I laughed. "I will never-" "There it is." I could feel a bit of pain as I shook my head. "200 years..." A screamed left my mouth. "STOP IT!" I cried. "Feel it!" Nikolav screamed at me. "NO!" I growled. "Ok I know what will make you feel, Harry." I opened my eyes. " You won't do it." I spat. "Here." He walked fast behind his back and snapped his neck as he fell on the floor lifeless I screamed. "No! he is-he is dead. You killed him." I cried as I ran to him stroking his hair and sobbing. "There you are..." The pain was too much too take but then I felt peace a lot of it as he moved in my arms. "Baby?" I asked. "Per, you are back." He smiled as he touched my cheek and I put my hand on his. "I am here. I thought I lost you." I kissed him with need as tears left my eyes. " Me too." He wiped the tears away. "I love you, you know that?" "Of course I do." He got up and in a try to get up I fell and my eyes were closing. "She is dying." Nikolav whispered. "How can I?" "We can't I put her in too much pain and now she is paying the consecuences." I began coughing as Harry grabbed my hands and everything went black once again. Pain was my friend. Love was my hope. And blood was my curse.
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