LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


10. Chapter 08: Forgiveness

All I ever feared was hitting me on the face. Harry looked at me terrified but not because I would hurt me just because he could hurt me.

“Perrie listen to me. You are much stronger than this.” I laughed at him.

A loud scream left my mouth and before I could even ask for it the pain was so much worse. Tears left my eyes as I was turning into a werewolve. I looked at Harry in fear as my maker he can feel what I feel and read what I think.

Harry run! He stood there astonished looking at me.

I’m not leaving you in this He said as I screamed.

“Harry fucking run!” A growled left my mouth as I turned into a vampire now and ran against stuffs to keep me from running after him.

“Run Harry please!” He was slowing down as I was trying to step back but my feet were not my own as in a blink I was drinking from his neck and pushed him against the wall as I ran to step back tears in my eyes.

“Come on Perr you can control it.”He still believes in me when I am a mess of monster. I am a semi-hybrid with issues. I shook my head.

“I can’t!” I screamed as he move closer to me and fear is all I felt in this moment I had to hurt him but I couldn’t.

“Focus on one thing!” He grabbed my chin as he scream those words.”Focus on anything Perrie it will help you gain the power over your body again”. He looked into my eyes.

“As your real maker I order you focus on forgiveness.” Then a big weight was off my chest as I looked at him confused.

“Perrie you are ok…”He stroke my cheek as I pinned him against the wall put his hand back.

“Who are you?” I spat.

“Perrie it’s me Harry…” I left him as he turned to face me.

“I don’t know who you are.” I spat again.

“You can’t order a semi-hybrid two times to do something or there will be consenquences.” Some guy with blonde hair told him.

“Excuse me what did I miss.”

“You are just in transition to be a hybrid but Harry her humanity is gone she can’t focus on forgiveness..”

“It just came into my mind I don’t know why did a said it.” This was a mess.

I took a last glance at those two before I was literally teletransported to an old house when I heard someone screaming. I searched for the sound and entered a room. I saw a woman giving birth as some latin words left her mouth.

“How you are gonna call her?” The maid asked the curly hair woman.

“Forgiveness…Perayla.” I looked at her confused as I felt some other presence with me.

“You’ve grown up Perayla…” The same woman on the bed was now up talking to me.

“Who are you?” I asked her confused as she smiled at me.

“I am the caused of you memory loss.” She explained herself.

“Then bring my memory back.” I spat.

“Is not that easy first you have to know your past and then your future to live your present so now let me take you to the 1465.”

“That is the day my mom got killed.” I whispered in shock.

“Not exactly….” I felt a cold breeze kissed me literally as we were in an old supermarket and gun shot was heard as something inside me make me feel nauseous.

“It’s ok is just a memory is not real.” The woman assured me.

I didn’t realize how beautiful and young she looked. She had a beautiful brown curly hair and her skin is like a soft pillow very white. She was like a goddess and something about her had me in other place.

“Why are you showing this to me?” I dare to ask.

“Because I am your mother Perayla.” She said serious as I looked at her astonished.

“You can’t my mother died in that-“

“Someone took you right when I gave birth to you to kill you because like I was a witch you were going to be as powerful as I was…. But I couldn’t let anything happen to you so I talked to Nikolav dad’s and asked him keep you alive until I had the chance to take care of you without putting you in danger. I was the most powerful witch in that moment and danger was my best company so I just kept you away for good.” She sobbed.

“You abandoned me didn’t you knew how much I was going to suffer?” I screamed at her.

“You were better there than with me.”

“I would have survive it I always do I am big girl I can take care of myself”. I said angry.

“Just like you father…” She whispered smiling.

“I am nothing like him!” He was a murderer one of the worse vampires in centuries.

“When he was human he was a good person inmortality killed his humanity. I always had the hope the someday he will change but he never did so when he found out I was pregnant I had to kill him for you own safety.”

“So before I was turned I was a-“.

“You were a witch but now you are dying and I have to do the spell in this instant or you’ll die on your way home.”

“I can’t” I felt guilt inside me.

“Let me do this for you. Not like your mother but like some friend that just wants the best for you.” I nodded.

“give me your hands”.

“Phasmatos requiem onha, phasmatos onki mola, phasmatos requiem turika ola, Phasmatos réquiem oki la mola lvotier!” There was like storm around us. As blood was leaving her nose.

“You have to stop!”I shook her hands.

“Do not break circle!” She commanded.

“I’m not letting you die over me because everybody dies around me because of me and I won’t let that happen to you”. I left her hands as she fell on ground.

“What did you do!” She grabbed my hands and said some rare words in latin I could tell as I tried to move her hands away from mine but I couldn’t.

“You can’t break the circle or both of us will die in the act.” She said as fear crossed me.

A screamed left her mouth as she was all covered in blood.

“I am taking all the pain you have to feel.”

“I can handle it.”

“I am sorry baby but this is gonna hurt like a bitch.” And that is all I felt as all around me was just a product of my mind that is what I thought.

Has passed 1,356 years and I am still not waking up. Where did everyone go?

When the storms enters the solitary little girl.

There is just dust on her skin that will remind her that everyone left because of her safety.

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