LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


9. Chapter 07: Turn it Off!

I looked around me as I realized what I have done. I looked at the blood in my hands and the blood bags empties on the floor as a scream and sob left my mouth.

"Perrie you are gonna be-" I slapped him.

"Don' you dare say I am gonna be ok because it will never be ok and you fucking know it!" I punched the wall as he tried to contain his anger towards me. I ran away like I always do run.

Perv I need you

I need my baby girl

I miss you

Save me!

I ran fast to were my thoughts were coming from and I regret following them.

"You heard my calling..." Nikolav smiled at me as I tried to pinned him against the wall he broke my arm.

"No,no I am your maker you as say and when I say because I am genetically your father." I laughed at him.

"So can I father be in love with their children. That is disgusting but coming from you I can't expect more." I moved my arm as it was already healed.

"I see you've been drinking human blood from the vein..." He said analyzing me.

"I killed a lot of people..." I started o scream and crying loud.

"Oh come one is not a big deal they are just blood bags nothing more Perv" I shook my head.

"I almost kill my own brother...." Some lady entered the room and in a blink of an eye I drank all the blood from her body.

"Perrie Stop!" I smiled as the blood was rolling don my mouth and the veins were a lot more thicker than before.

"You are not my maker!" I screamed in his face.

" I am her maker." I felt two strong arms as Nikolav ran and pushed me against the wall.

"I still have sime control over you..."

"I want more blood!" I screamed as tears were more visible on my face.

"Your humanity is killing you!" He said stroking my cheek as Harry looked at him in surprise.

"Turn it off!" And then I felt lost.

"What the fuck did you do...She will lose herself"

"She ciuld have died slowly by her pain and guilt of the lifes she took." The veins appeared again as those words left Nikolav mouth.

"As an original vampire I compell you to kill Harry Styles and don't stop until he dies." I looked at Harry with a smile on my face.

"When this phone rings you'll kill him if you don't I'll kill him and you myself." He threaten as fear ran through my veins I still feel something deep deep inside that is my only hope.


Sorry I had to write this short chapter to keep going with the story thanks for the support! <3

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