LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


4. Chapter 02: Sweet Sweet Blood

I was dying all over again. The sobs turned into screams. I was all cover in my own blood. "Can I come in?" I heard Harry say. "Y-yes...." He ran to me and pulled my chin up. "I'm a terrible person.." I gasped. "No you are not...are you hungry?" I looked at him with fear. "No it's ok" He took out a knife and cut his wrist. "Drink you''ll need it..." I looked at him with wide eyes. "I compelled you how do you-" "I'm on eat..." I looked into is eyes and the veins were forming under my eyes as I was drinking from his wrist. "Thank you..." I smiled at him while he cleaned the blood from my face and stroke the flesh under my eyes mesmerized by my face. "Don't look at me like that I'm a monster...."I said looking away he forced me to look at him. "No, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever met." He said looking at my lips. "Don't. That is what you say to all the women you slept with?"I pushed him away. "No you are special." He said walking towards me. "Get away or I'll hurt you..." The veins were forming again. "No" I pushed him against the wall and began feeding from the neck and I felt something burning on my cheek as I screamed in pain. "What did you do!" I slapped him. "You tried to kill me!" He grabbed my wrists. "Don't touch me!"I tried to get out of his grip. "You are still not strong enough you can't fight a werewolve back..." "What?" I asked him confused. "I'm the alpha of my werewolve pack and you are a vampire so we are tecnically enemies but I don't want you to be because you have me enchanted." He stroke my hands and then my cheeks. "No this can't-" "I love you" He said and I frowned. "You just met me you can't love me." "Just like you said I don't know why I just do." Her said getting closer. "Kiss me...." He pushed me against the wall with strenght and bit my bottom lip. I asked him for entrance and our tongues united in a song. He grabbed my legs and they were on his waist as he squeezed my butt. I loud moan left my mouth when he started playing with my nipples on my shirt. I pulled his curls hard as he sucked on my neck. He forced me to looked at him as my eyes turned red and the veins were appearing again. So I bite his neck sucking hard. He entered a finger in me and a scream left my mouth. "Stay still Perr...'' he just called me Perr. "Please just fuck me...." I moaned his name. "I like it when you say my name but I'm gonna make love to you..." I looked at him with surprised and a tear left my eye so he wiped it away. "Did I hurt you?" he stroke my cheek. "I'm a vampire I can't feel anything...." I laughed. "You can feel the air getting hot He took out my shirt and his so I was touching his chest. We made hard love. It was like very fast we were on the wall then on the floor then on the couch then on the bathroom. It was the best sex of my life. So just when I am walking towards the bathroom I feel blood for the smell rolling down my legs. "Omg I'm so sorry Did that was your-" I nodded "I'll be fine I'll heal slow but I'll do." He was just paranoic about me being okay all time it was very kind of me but I just couldn't feel the love for me it was just only sex. I had fun and he was good. I was a vampire I couldn't feel anymore this was it. I just didn't care that much for people they were just blood bags for me. He was too kind to be helping me. I am a monster I can't be helped I will never be human again so there is no point in it. If there was a cure for it but that is just bullshit. Why the good people had to suffer more than the real bad people. I tried to cry but I couldn't feel it anymore. All I just felt was anger towards Nikolav and I wanted to take it on me. If I die everything will be fine. So I broke the chair and I was prepared to stake myself but Harry took the wood away. "Why are you trying to kill yourself?" He asked angry. "I will be no longer you problem." I spat. "Damn it! Perr I said I care about you, I care about you Perrie so don't just act like you don't feel..." I looked away. "I don't feel it...." I whispered. "What you don't feel?" He said interwined our fingers. "The love I don't feel it anymore....please help me...." I said sobbing but there were no tears. " I will make you feel love and be loved again....I will not leave you alone you have me. Did hear me you have me." He said kissing my forehead and hugging me. "Thank you...." I smiled on his chest. "May sound insane but you changed me and thank you for that." He kissed the top of my head. "Please don't stop caring, loving and believing in me I'll do my best..." He smiled and stroke my cheek. "I will never leave you alone. I will always find you. Always and forever. I'll protect you." He whispered. "You need to feed more...." He said walking towards the nightable and cut his wrist I looked away the veins were appearing again. "No you'll get weak I don't think I'll be able to control myself...." I said trying to control my breath. "I trust you...." The veins were more visible and I began feeding and he left a gasp. "If you need to feed more I'll be here just do it...." He wiped the blood and stroke the veins under my eyes until they faded away. "You are beautiful even with the veins under your eyes you are precious...." He kissed me on the lips and stroke my cheeks. "I'll be back in 2 hours I have something to do." "I'll a company you if you want..." "I don't think that'll be a good idea so you better stay here. I mean it."He kissed my forehead and ran away as I touched my lips. He was the light to my dark soul.
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