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I want her. But cant have her. Thats the worst thing EVER!


5. That Explains Exactly Nothing

"Hayes, how did you get that many faves and re-tweets in that ammount of time?" I asked.

"Well, about a year ago we all got this app called Vine and started making these short 7 seconds videos and they got abit popular. We all met at this group called Magcon and became like best friends." Nash said.

"Um I have to go to work. Bye" Cameron yelled drunning out.

"Bye" we said back.

"I have football practice tonight so.." Hayes said.

"Shoot its 9:00 practice starts in 30 mins." Nash said.

"Bye then" me and Matt said.

They all left.

"Hey Matt?" I asked.

"What?" Matt asked.

"How much do you love old people?" I asked.

He giggled.

"Its my weakness babe" he said.

"Another question?" I asked.

"Yep" he said.

"How come ive never seen you at school?" I asked.

"I just moved to California officially. I lived in Virginia and then the whole "Vine" thing started. I went to school in Virginia then when I graduated high school, i moved here." He said.

"Thats funny. I moved here from Kentucky when i got out of middle school. " i said.

We laughed. We talked for hours just laying on the couch. After about 3 hours of talking and laughing, we baisically felt like when knew each other for 3 years.

"It's getting late. I need sleep" i said.

"Yeah your right" he answered.

We both got up and went to out own rooms.

Matt's P.O.V

"FUCKING HELL EMILY WHAT ARE YOU DOING" i yelled running into her bathroom where she had pills and a blade.

"I JUST WANT TO DIE MATT" she cried.

"WHY?" I question.

"STOP FUCKING ASKING QUESTIONS! I JUST WANT TO DIE! I HATE MY LIFE" She yelled popping 4 more pills into her mouth.

She grabbed the blade and sliced her arm again and again. Then moved to her legs. After about 20 more cuts on her legs and ALOT on her arms, she was being lifted into the ambulance. Nash came running up to me.

"Dude i dont know if she is gonna make it" Nash warned.

"Fuck" i muttered.

We jumped into my car and raced to the hospital.


"Mr. Espinosa? Is there a Mr. Espinosa here for Miss. Watson?" The doctor asked.

I jumped up.

"Yes sir. Is she ok? Please tell me she isnt dead" i said.

"Im so sorry to tell you Mr. Espinosa but Emily has died. Overdose and extreme blood loss. Im very sorry" he said.

"NO NO NO NO" I screamed.

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