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I want her. But cant have her. Thats the worst thing EVER!



"I know what we should do!" I screamed.

"What?" Matt asked.

"We should have a party!" I suggested.

"That sounds good!" Nash said.

30 minuits later, we had a house full of people.

I felt a pair of arms sneak around my waist.

"Come on beautiful, dance with me!" Nash said.

I could smell the beer with hus breath.

"Nash your drunk" i laughed.

"So not. Now come dance with me or else i'll have to fuck you and show you your punishment." Nash slurred.

He grabbed my hand and led me to the living room.

We started dancing to Burnin Up by Jessie J and then Wild Life by Jack and Jack. After tons on Nicki Manaji, some one suggested truth or dare.

"Ok, Emily, truth or dare" a boy asked.

"Truth" i said.

The boys all groaned.

"Fine, umm do you like Matt?" He asked.

Matt wasnt drunk either. He over all was a pretty good kid. So when he heard this he perked up and started at me.

I smirked.

"Umm next question" I stuttered.

Matt's eyes bugged out.

"Matt, truth or dare?" The same boy asked.

"Dare" he smiled.

"Kiss Emily" the boy slurred.



"Nash stop!" I yelled as Nash tried to undress me.

"Save your voice for when your screaming my name" He said planting a kiss on my lips.

"HELP!" I yelled.

Matt ran in the door.

"Whats wrong?" He said.

I pointed to Nash.

"Nash. Now." He snapped.

Nash ran out of the room.

"Im sorry he is drunk" Matt said.

"I know. " me and Matt walked out of the room.



"No, babe stay with me" Nash whined.

"Why?" I asked.

"Becouse I need to talk to you" he slurred.

"Fine." I gave in.

I layed next to him in my bed. He played with my hair.

"Emily, im sorry for the way i acted earlier. I really do like you. I hope you dont think im some whacko or something." Nash said.

"I dont. Im tired. Can we sleep now?" I asked.

"Yes babe" he smiled.

We fell asleep.



"Why were you with Nash last night?" Matt asked as he flipped over the pankcakes.

"He wanted me to lay down with him and I kinda fell asleep" I said.

"As long as you didnt-" Nash cut him off.

"SUP BITCHES!" He yelled.

His hair looked so hot. Messy. Quiff falling out of place VERY badly. His eyes looked so tired. He had on low sweatpants and no shirt. His abs were so...

Matt knocked me out of my transe.


I took off running to the door.

No Luke.

"Bitch" i mumbled walking past Matt.

"Oh, and take a picture, it lasts longer" Nash said flexing.

Holy fuck!

HI! So IDK really about this one. There is ALOT of skipping. Thats it! Byee


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