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I want her. But cant have her. Thats the worst thing EVER!


1. I Love My Boyfriend

Emily's P.O.V

"I love you babe" Logan told me.

"I love you too" i told my boyfriend.

It was the first day of summer break. I was sitting in my bedroom in my boyfriends lap. My legs were wrapped around his waist. I was facing him.

"Tell me, how many times have you cut this week?" He asked putting a strand of hair behind my ear.

"5" i replied.

"Let me see your arms" he said.

"Why" i asked.

"You will see, today will be a speacial day for us" he told me.

I pulled my arms out. He kissed my wrists. He then kissed up my arms and then my neck. He finally reached my face. He trailed kisses up and reached my lips. He smashed his lips to mine. Our first kiss. We have been together 1 whole year and never kissed. Also it was my first kiss. I know, im 17 and it was my first kiss. I pulled away.

"Logan I-" he smashed his lips against mine again.

I put my hands in his hair. He put his on my back pushing me closer to him. This time, more intense. Our lips moving at the same time. He layed back and i was laying on top of him. He slid his hand up my shirt.

"Logan" i said.

"Shh" he said.


"Shit" he said.

"No babe not like that. I sold my parents room. I will have a 17 year old boy living with me tomarow night. But not like 'living with me<3' like living in my house. I need money Logan. It means nothing. Heck, i probably wont barely talk to him" i told him.

"Babe if you told me you needed money, you could have asked me. You could move in with me, Christian and Ashton. Babe!" He shouted.

"No! I dont want to move in with 3 smelly boys and it would be akward. Where would i sleep?" I asked.

"With me babe, unless you wanna sleep with Ashton and im not letting you do that" he protested.

"No" i said. "Anyway, im tired. You stayin over?"

"If i can sleep with you" he asked.

"If you wanna" i said.

"Kk" he replied.

He took his shirt off. Then he slid his pants off. He looked at me.

"Uh, my face is up here" he said.

"Oh sorry! Everytime you have stayed over, you brought clothes" my face reddened.

He laughed. He layed in my bed.

"You wearin jeans to sleep?" He asked.

"Why not" i said.

"Take off your pants then" he said.

"And put on shorts" i said.

"Or not" he said.

"Logan" i said.

"Babe, i dont care. You could sleep naked and i wouldnt give two shits. Hint hint" he said.

"Yeah n-" he stopped me.

"Yes so thats a deal!" He shouted.

"No uhg! Do i have too?" I asked.

"YES! If it will make you feel beter, i will too" he replied.

"Mabey" i said.

"Kk" he said.

He finished taking his clothes off. My face reddened. I took my clothes off. I left my bra and underwear on.

"Babe, the dare was nothing on! That doesnt count" he said sliding his hand under my bra.

"Logan i-" i shivered.

"Babe, its fine. Would it help if you got in bed first?" He asked.

"Yeah" i replied.

I climed in my bed. He followed. He undid my bra and i felf super akward. I shouldnt! He is my boyfriend for crying out loud. He pulled my underwear off. I just layed there frozen. He wrapped his arms around me and brought me back to reality. He wrapped his legs against me. I could feel him...(a/n im not going to say that so im just going to say him. You know what i mean)...

"Holy shit" i said.

"What" he asked.

"I just...you...your..." I studdered.

"Soon" he whispered.

He put his hand on my stomack. Lower and lower untill i stopped him.

"Logan, stop" i told him.

"I just have my hand on your stomack! Is that a crime?" He asked.

"I-I" i studdered.

"Babe, i know. You are so cute when your frushtrated." He said.

I smiled.

"Can we kiss again" he asked.

"If you want to" i said.

He pulled me out of the bed. We were standing infront of my

mirror. I could see his...HOLY SHIT:)

"Holy shit" i mumble.

He laughed and smiled. The grabbed my butt and pushed me closer to him. I could feel him(again, you know what i mean:$)

He smiled. The most akwardest moment ever but i was enjoying it somehow.

"Im tired" i said.

"Me too" he replied.

"Sleep" i said.

"Sleep" he said.

And with that we both got in bed and fell asleep.

(A/n hey goiss so yeah, i havent done announcements in my other books so, #akwardlemily SORRY IM SO WIERD BUT I DONT GIVE A WHAT! SOO,) yeppers -.-

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