Slipping slowly

They say that life is like the oceans, It can be calm or still, rough or ridged but in the end its beautiful. Im still waiting for the beautiful part. So far life has been nothing but hell for me, Niall left me and rarely comes home. Mum hates my guts and dad...well dad likes to embarrass and abuse me, both mentally and physically. Nobody knows how bad mum and dad have gotten, not even niall. They say "Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up" Well in my case it has turned me into a turtle, never to come out of my shell. Everyone has scars. Some deeper then other, some as shallow as a scrap. Niall always used to tell me "stars are the scars of the universe, nothing is perfect." He was the only source of positivity in my life. I feel like im sinking in a black hole and only one person can dig me out.
Dear Niall please help me, im going over the edge. I don't know what to do. I'm Slipping Slowly. Love always Eliot Grace Horan.


2. the start

"Elliot Grace Horan, get your ass down here! Im not done with you." I heard my dad yell, this couldnt be good. I hope to god he isnt drunk again.

I walked down the stairs and into the sitting room.

"Your brother called today!" he spat.

"Okay... And?"

"He wanted to make sure you got your tickets in the mail."

"Oh...shit." I mumbled trying to run up the stairs, it was to late my dad was pullings me down to the floor. He slapped me across the cheek and then let me go.

"Your not going." he yelled

"Why, I haven't seen Niall in a whole year!" I yelled back, "it's not fair!"

"Me and your mum think it is. After all, your the reason he left, you can suffer!"

I ran to my room, tears running down my face. Soon later I heard the front door shut and a car drive off.

There was no way in hell that anyone was gonna stop me from seeing my brother. It's already been to long !

I walked to my closet and picked out my clothes I then went to my bathroom, a took a quick shower.

Once my shower was done I jumped out and brushed my hair and teeth.

I walked out of the bathroom and over to my desk, I put my phone on my speaker and put pandora on. I sat at my mirror and was starting my make-up when my phone went off. It was Blair, she was one of my friends that was gonna come with me tonight.

"Hello?" I asked while trying to apply mascara

"Hey babe we are almost to your house ! Are ya ready?"

"Yeah just got to get my ticket, be out soon! " I giggled hearing Finn in the background.

Moments later I heard a car horn and I was out the door.

The drive to the arena wasn't that long, a half an hour at the most I would say. The whole time I was bouncing out of my seat.

Finn and Blair didn't know I had a VIP to see Niall after the show, all they know is that I'm taking a taxi home to Ethan's house.

"Ellie we are here come on we need to go find our seats!" Finn yelled excitedly I couldn't help but laugh at him.

We finally found our seats. They were almost perfect. Section 120, floor seats.

We had gotten here pretty early, I decided I would go get myself something to drink. I was on my way to the concession stand when my phone started buzzing. It was Ethan, my 'boyfriend'.

"Hello?" I asked not caring what he is about to say next.

Me and Ethan had been going out, but I've been trying to break things off for a good month now. He just keeps drawing me in, And I loved him, or I thought I did.

"Hey babe, what are you up to? Wanna come over ? My parents are gone."

"No Ethan! I don't wanna, I have to go." As soon as I hung up I was up to the cash register.

"Hi, how may I help you?" The lady asked.

"Can I please have a water and a Pepsi ?" I asked hoping she wouldn't question.

"Sure thing." She handed me my water and the Pepsi and I paid and was on my way back. I was heading toward the stairs when I felt a tug at the bottom of my leggings.

I turned around to see a little girl about the age of 4.

"honey can i help you?" i asked picking the small girl up.

"im lost, my name is izzy can you call my mummy? please?"

she looked so scared. "Sure, whats your Mummy's number?" she began to tell me the numbers and the phone rang twice.

"Hello?!" A frantic woman answered.

"I have your daughter Izzy. We can meet by section 120 okay ?"

"Oh my gosh ! thank you so much i will see you in a few!"

me and Izzy started walking back to my section. I sat down with Izzy on my lap.

"Who is this cutie?" Finn asked pinching her cheeks.

"This is Izyy, Izzy thats Finn." she smiled and said her hellos, the poor thing must of been terrified.

Moments later i heard a women yell. "Izzy baby dont you ever leave mummy again!" Izzy sprung up and ran to her mums arms.

"Thank you so so much! how can i ever repay you?"

i just laughed " you dont it wasnt a problem at all i was just glad she didnt get hurt!"

she nodded and gave me a hug. Then left.

About five minutes later the show started. I could feel the goosebumps start to crawl up my legs.

i was so excited to see my brother! i havent seen him in a whole year !

as the music started to play i could feel my heart racing !

All I could think was here we go!


By the time the concert ended I had been through all the concert emotions, I cried when they sang. I laughed at the jokes I danced to the music and lastly I had the time of my life. now it was time to meet Niall back stage.

Me, Blair and Finn made our way to the car parking lot, I had to grab my 'over night bag' out of Finns Car.

We talked about the concert the whole way there and when we got there I got my bag, gave each of them a hug and said my goodbyes.

Now for the exciting part!

I walked back into the arena and to the stage area, I flashed security my VIP and my ID before they let me in, as soon as I spotted him I freaked I couldn't contain my excitement, my older brother! I finally got to see him after a full year of missing him.

"NIALL JAMES HORAN!" I screamed while jumping into his arms.

"Elliot ! oh my gosh babe you have gotten taller?" he said like a smart ass.

"Your not funny..." I proclaimed while embracing the hug.

It seemed like hours! We finally were caught up with each other, we were walking back to the Buses when something caught my eye.

Mom and dad....

"Shit I... I Niall I need to use the bathroom." i stuttered trying to get away from my worst nightmare.

Then my nightmare came true.

"Wait isn't that mum and dad ?" Niall asked calling out to them.

"No Niall please dont..." it was to late...

Soon enough they were standing right in front of me.

"Niall Baby how have you been?!" my mother smiled grabbing his cheeks.

then her eyes found mine.

"Elliot! What the bloody hell are you doing here!"

As soon as my dad heard my name he swong his head in my direction.

Niall looked confused.

"I came to see Niall..." i whispered looking at the ground.

I could tell my dad was mad, and when dad gets mad mom does nothing.

"Elliot Grace Horan. Can I talk to you in privet please!?" his voice was cold, colder then the face of mars. I could only imagine what he was gonna do to me.

I nodded and walked toward him my eyes pleading for someone to stop him.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the corner of the parking lot. I could see mom and Niall talking in the far.

He looked as if he was gonna kill me.

"Elliot what the bloody hell!"

"Dad it wasn't fair!" I yelled causing Niall to look over.

As soon as Niall looked away my dad went off like a firework.




"Well dad I have some news for you. I'm not a 4 year old anymore I'm a grown woman and I respect people who give respect back, not horrible people like you and mum!" I whispered kinda getting in his face.

"You filthy slut!" My dad yelled grabbing my hair and throwing me to the ground.

I started to scream, but nobody came. he grabbed my face and slammed me into the ground.

I could hear someone laughing in the background, of course it was mum that's all she ever does when dad beats me.

He began to punch me, once in the mouth another in the jaw. he kicked me a few times before spitting on me.

I didn't cry. I never did, crying shows your weak, and I wanted to show him that I wasn't weak.

He continued to call me names and abuse me when I heard someone come running.


"Get off of her !"

He tried as hard as he could to pull my dad off of my bloody body he finally pulled him off Causing him to fall on his back with my dad in his arms. my dad turned around and punched him in the nose, causing a thick crimson blood to flow out of Niall's nose.

Finally my dad got up and stormed off but not before he through out some colorful words at me and Niall.

Niall ran over to me I just laid there in the fetal passion. not moving not talking just staring into space wishing this wouldn't of never happen.

"Ellie... Elliot!" I didn't respond.

I felt my body being picked up and carried. I just laid my head on Niall's chest.

Everything felt so bare. So cold.

I was done.


-Niall's Point Of View-

When I saw my dad beating up my baby sister I snapped. It took some time but I finally got him off of her.

She was just laying there not crying, not talking jut sitting there. I picked her up and laid her against my chest. she looked shocked. I began to walk to the bus. where the rest of the boys were.

I opened the door and slowly walked inside.

I ignored the calls i got from harry and went to my bunk. i placed my sister on the bed and tucked her in.

I started to walk away when I heard my name being called.


I turned around to see Ellie sitting up, her eyes full of tears.

"Yeah babe?"

"Daddy hurts me, he always hurts me! please don't make me go back with him."

It took every muscle in my body for me not to punch something. she may be 17 but to me she will always be my baby sister and I need to Protect her.

"Ellie, babe your not going anywhere with them. Your moving in with me, your staying with me. I promise I won't let nothing else hurt you."

she nodded before laying her head back on my pillow.

"I love you Niall."

"I love you to Ellie, With all my heart!"

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