Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


9. tomorrow never dies

The next morning Liz was still with them. And the next one. She was following Luke everywhere and he somehow couldn’t tell her that he wants her to go home.

A week passed and Keira kept avoiding Luke, who she was also meeting when he was in the association of his mother. Finally Liz decided to assist him to the movie set despite his loud protests. But they got stuck at the security check. 

„You don’t have the pass, Mrs.” said the guard.

They didn’t let them enter the museum buliding, that was hired for the party scene. 

„I’m Luke’s mother I don’t need a pass” Liz got angry.

„I’m sorry but we cant let you in” said the guard.

„Maybe it will be better if you wait here Liz” said Luke. 

He wanted to avoid another argument between Keira and Liz. Keira was already spending too much time with Ashton. He didn’t want it to continue.

„You’ll let me in immediately. I damand to talk to someone authorized” shouted Liz.

The guards looked at eachother helplessly. One of then went into the building and appeared few minutes later with Ros. 

„Luke come, we don’t have the whole day” said Ros.

„I demand to go in with my son” started Liz.

„I’m sorry but you have to wait here. Miss Keira is not leting anyone in except the crew. Not even the actors families” muttered Ros.

Luke sighed with relief. He didn’t want them both to meet.

„Could it be! So you can ensure me that her „friend” Harry Styles never was on her movie set, because he never palyed in any of her movies, wait, unless he was cleaning the toilets” Liz was red.

Ros turned green. Luke tried to keep a straight face to not to burst out laughing.

„This is a completly different situation” muttered Ros.

„Is it. Why” Liz looked at him angry.

„I’m sorry but I’m not allowd to talk about Keira and Mr. Styles” said Ros.

„Why” Liz rised her eyebrows.

„Luke come with me, we realy need to start, we’re paying for every day” groaned Ros.

„See you Liz” whispered Luke and sneaked in between the guards.

„I’m not agreeing with this” Liz stomped.

„I’ll talk to her” said Luke disapperaing inside the museum.

He hurried after Ros to the main hall. The extras were ready, all dressed up for the party. Keira was checking the pictures form all the  cameras. She didn’t even turn round to face Luke. Luke sighed and ran to the make up artists.  


„Scene 33” said Keira. Luke and Fiona went back to their places in the opposite patrs of the ballroom. The shooting went well today. There were only a few mistakes. Luke was happy that they’ll finish early. He hoped that he’ll be able to talk to Keira. He went through the ballroom to John, a young actor that was playing his assistant. John was dressesd up in a tailcoat. 

„Destiny is here” said John. 

„I don’t think it’s her” whispered Luke.

„I feel her” John looked at the dancing extras.

„I’ll find out” Luke moved through the center of the ballroom towards Fiona. 

She jumped on a table. She was wareing a black dress covered with feathers, in her hand   a huge feather fan. She was watching Luke flirting with him from behind her fan. Luke was about to reach the table she was at when he heard vioces. Someone screamed.


He turned around to face his worst nightmare. Liz stepped into the ballroom and went straight to Keira. For a monent Luke forgot ho to breath. He felt like a small boy that wants to hide under the table. Liz and Keira were talking loud and the whole crew and actors froze in fear.  

„Enough! Enough shooting for today!” said Keira through the megaphone. „Tomorrow we’re also not shooting. Luke get your private stuff together” she said and left the ballroom.

Luke felt that he want to sink into the ground. Everyone was looking at him with reproach. Liz smiled triumphantly. Luke groaned.  


The club roared. The bass was vibrateing in the space so you could fell in in every part of the spine. I was sitting at the bar. I ordered a next vodka shot. Luke was realy able to destroy the movie shooting. Actually it was Liz. 

„It wasn’t easy to find you” I heard a familar voice.

I turned around. Ashton sat on the empty chair next to me. 

„I managed to convince some people to borrow me their private jet” he said smiling „You realy had to fly up to Maiami” he asked.

„They have the loudest clubs” I said dirinking my vodka.

„I promised I’ll take care of you” muttered Ashton.

Harry realy borrowed Ashton the jet, because he had to be on a charity event and couldn’t come. 

„Thanks, but I take care of myself” I said.

„I see” Ashton looked on the empty vodka glasses.

„I’m looking for inspiration” I muttered. „I met a woman which had taken it away”

Aston smiled. 

„Would you like to dance” he asked getting up.

Will Luke tell Liz to go home if he'd be jelous. I guess I landed in this place where i stopped feeling anything apart from pain again. 

„Let’s go” I said emptying the glass and dragging Ashton to the dancefloor into the mad lights into the body stabbing bass.

I brushed him with my hip. Ashton smiled. His hands landed on my waist, a little bit lower than they should, but I wasn’t opposeing. Through a blurry vision I saw that a man is taking photos of us. Liz will have a excuse… She will win.

The alcohol was vibrateig in my head. I felt Ashton’s lips on my neck. I turned around and he kissed me firecely.  


The studded with stars night sky was above us. The alcohol evaporated and I felt more sober.  We were walking along the beach barefoot. 

„Someone made photos of us making out” said Ashton.

„That’s great” I  looked at the black waves.

„You want Luke to see it” asked Ashton

„Yes, maybe it will cause him to do something” I sat on the sand.

Ashton sat next to me.

„But I’m also a nice and handsome guy” he said.

He leaned to me and kissed me but the thought of Luke caused me to move away from him

„I can’t, I love Luke” I said.

„Ok” Ashton hid his sadness. 

„This - will stay between us, ok” I looked at him.

„Ok” he wasn’t looking at me.

„Come, let’s go back” I said getting up.                  

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