Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


1. the offer

The rain was slowly covering the windows when the car was paving its way through the crowd gathered around the tv studio building. The heavy tones in his headphones were supposed to drown the feeling of missing.


  A black limo was arriving from the other side of the building.

„It might not be the best idea, all this teenage girls” Ros, my assistant looked at the crowd. Hundreds of girls were surrounding the studio.

„I also was a teenage girl once, I know how they think” I said.

I still felt like one inside. Despite the fact that life kicked and demaged me hard, but I still was one of them. A innocent fragil teenage girl locked inside her dreamworld.

„They will all come to the cinema to watch the movie” I said.

„Yes it’s true, but if he’s a bad actor” Ros looked at his ipad.

„It doesn’t matter if he can act. The only thing that matters is who he is. Showbusiness econmy. Let’s go” I said when the limo merged into the dark car park inside the buliding.  


Long time ago at school, long before the career changed his life, he meet a girl. They were happy, they broke up and got back together. Now he was on tour again. Cities and faces merged into one with airports and stages. Sam was screaming and crying through the phone last night. She was mad that he’s never there for her, but living his dream was so much more important, so exciting, wonderful. But she didn’t understand, she couldn’t understand. They lived different lives. 

„Our menager says that it’s a very important meeting” Ash spoke up in the silence.

He was reading the morning newspaper. On the cover Luke saw some econimical speculations about Miss Keira’s new movie. Keira was a diercetor and a writer, the author of bestselling books, and an Oscar nominee. 

„They say it will be her biggest movie” Ashton dvelved into the article. 

„Her book is great if her movie will be as amazing… wow” Michael looked out of the window. They stopped inside the dark car park.

„If I had to manage this amount of money that she will get for the movie I would go bald from stress” Ash sighed.

Luke’s phone rang. Sam. He decided not to pick her up. He was in a hurry and he would have to end the conversation after 2 seconds. They got off the car and he started to think about some exuse, a lie Sam could belive. 

„Luke” their menager approached them „Come with me. Boys wait here” 

„What’s wrong” asked Ash.

„Not now” the menager hurried up.

Luke followed him very insecure. Will they force him to brak up with Sam because the press found out, that they're still together. No, he didn’t read any alarming news.  They went into the elevator, and after a while they reached a room behind closed doors at the end of an empty hall. There Luke saw two man sitting behind a table. One was his main producer the second one was a stanger.

„Hello, I’m Ros Danell” the man shook Luk’s hand. 

„Sit down” mutterd the menager.  Luke took a place next to his menager. 

„We won’t get below 30 milion $”said the producer.

„I told you that the price doesn’t matter” said Ros.

„What’s going on” asked Luke quietly.

„We have a offer for you” Ros looked at Luke seriously „We’d like you to play the main male character in Miss Keira’s new movie”

The silence that filled the room was strange. Luke was watching the man faces, he couldn’t belive in what he have already heard. He had read Keira’s book and knew that the main male character was a rockstar, but even in his wildest dreams he couldn’t imagine that he’s considered for that role.

„So, what do you say” asked the producer. 

„Here’s the screenpaly, just read it” Ros moved a pile of paper closer to him „We’re palnning to shoot the movie in 7 months. We will shedule it that way, that it won’t interfere with your music career. It will be 7 months of hard work but we can create something extraordinary” Ros was only looking at Luke.

„We’ll agree on 30 milon $ for you Luke, for the role” said the producer "If you agree to act in it.” „I have to think about it.” Luke was looking at the screenplay on the table. "I’ll read this” he siad taking the papers.

„I’ll contact you” said the producer to Ros. 

Luke got up and left the room. He felt dizzy, nearly drunk. He had no idea what to do.

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