Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


8. rejects


Two months later


The fog fell and the gray down turned into a sunny day. We were in Paris. We were sitting in a restaurant with big windows and a view on the Eiffel Tower. We were shooting the movie here and the 5 sos boys came to give a concert in Paris. The fans finally accepted that me and Luke were officialy dating. We were together for two months and this time was like a fairy tale. Luke was lovely and sweet. We were like lovers and best friends. Luke was also getting better and better in acting. With every scene he become more professional. We were out a few times, on movie dates, on a tennis game, in clubs in London and Paris, because Luke was too young to go clubbing in the States. On this morning we were eating breackfast in this posh restaurant and discussing the plan for the day.


"Keira you're the best" Luke looked me in the eyes.

Michael and Calum changed looks.

"I bet you want to spend some time alone in the city of love" muttered Ashton.

Luke smiled brightly and looked at Ashton. Suddenly his smile faded.

"What's up" Ashton turned around and became pale.

I looked up and saw Liz, Luke's mother. She was walking briskly to our table.

"Hi mum" said Michael.

"Hi Liz" Luke was moody "What are you doing here? You could have called"

"I wanted to meet you Miss" Liz nodded at Calum, who jumped up quickly and offered her his chair.

Liz sat next to Luke and looked at me across the table.

"I heard some rumors, that you're thinking that you're have some kind of relationship with my son, Miss"

Ashton grunted.

"So I came to tell you Miss, that there is nothing further from the truth than this. My son won't meet up with someone 10 years older than him. And he defenitely won't meet up with someone with such a sticky reputatipn. Do you think that we're idiots, Miss? You're Harry Style's best friend, who would belive this" snorted Liz.

"You don't know anything about me" I started defending myself but she interrupted me.

"My son is playing in your movie, Miss, and that's it. Behind the set I'm not allowing you to sed him"

"What" I looked at Luke, but he was observeing his plate.

I couldn't belive it.

"Mrs Hemmings, Keira is a wonderful person. She and Luke realy love eachother. How can you accuse her without knowing her" said Ashton.

Liz became purple.

"I see they're all wrapped around her finger, sweetheart" Liz gave me a hatefull look. "Wait. This is going on since two months" Liz looked at Luke.

"We didn't do it Liz" whispered Luke.

"I thought so, I raised you well. And you Miss should remember..."

"Luke is 18, he can date anyone ge wants to" I got up.

Luke was still silent. He was starreing at the plate.

"You're both ridiculous" I said and left the restaurant.

I was trembling from anger.

"You can't do it. And you Luke, act like a man, say something, defende your girlfriend" shouted Ashton.

I was at the stairs when Ashton ran to me.

"I'm sorry Keira" he muttered

"You, they should apologize" I felt so angry and helpless and I was about to cry.

"I don't understand Luke" said Ashton.

"Me neither. He's just sitting there and he didn't say a thing. I knew he's a child but I hoped he's less childish than this"

"Don't let them spoil your day. Let's go for a walk, to a nice café or to a museum. I don't know Paris" Ashton smiled.

I looked at the restaurant. Luke was still in there. Maybe he'll understand something if I go with Ashton.

"With pleasure" I said.

Ashton smiled brightly.


We spent the day visiting interesting places in Paris. Ashton turned out to be a very funny and smart man. He made me lough a lot and I stopped worrying so much about Liz and Luke. It was way after midnight when we left a club in a cab and went back to the hotel. I hoped I won't meet Liz there.

"It was a lovely day" Ashton stopped at my room's door. "Luke is lucky but he doesn't know how to treat his luck"

"Thank you" I smiled "Goodnight"

"If you wouldn't be into Luke, would I have a chance" asked Ashton

"Women and men can be only friends" I said entering the room and closeing the door behind me.

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