Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


21. over and over

The sun was bright. The set ready. Ros screamed. The team worked fast. The shootong on the streets worked well.

„We’ll be done before sunset” said Ros. 

„Great” I kept my sunglasses on.

Today I tried to avoid looking into the boys’ eyes. I’ve messed it up so much that now i wasn’t sure what do I realy feel.  



Luke was packing his guitar when Aston came to him.

„Luke, I have this problem about this girl I’d like to talk to you later” Ashton seemed tense.

Luke closed his guitarbox.

„Pleas don’t let it be Keira” he thought desperately.

During the past two days he tried to avoid her as much as possible. But she still caused butterflies in his stomach. 

„Ok” he muttered picking his guitar up. 

„So we’ll meet in a restaurant, I don’t want Michael and Calum in this conversation” Ashton smiled. 

„Sure” Luke felt strange.

Was Keira dating Aston. They went out wih Calum and Michael last night. They had this thing and the hook up in Maiami. Maybe she finaly decieded that Ashton is the mature one and she’s staying with him. Luke’s inner parts were burning. He didn’t want it. He actually didn’t want any guy with Keira. He knew he messed it up. He had quit the movie. Destroyed the contarct in front of her. Made her have a one night stand with Aston and Harry. She had all the reasons to hate him. But he was acting like the one that was to hurt to speak to her. Luke suddenly blushed. He flet so stupid.  


It was dark when Luke entered the garden of a posh restaurant. There were only few tables there. All empty except one. Luke looked at the girl that got up when he entered and stopped. Keira.

„Wait, please wait. I need to talk to you” she run to him.

Her eyes were red as if she was crying. Luke looked around. A waiter entered the garden.

„Anything to dring” he asked filling the glasses on the table up with water.

„Not for me” Luke took a breath.

„Can we sit and talk it won’t take long” asked Keira.

„Ok, where’s Ashton” Luke went to the table and sat opposite her.

„It was a trick to bring you here. I asked him to do it” Keira smiled.

„So” Luke tried to sound very short and rude.

He wasn’t so close to Keira fo months. There were all this rumors that after he quit she hasn’t left her apartment for ages, taht she was struggling with depression again. That she wasn’t working at all or seeing people.

„I want to ask you, actually to beg you to come back to the movie cast” said Keira studing his face. „I wouldn't do it if there were another choice. I’ll go bunkrupt if you won't. A 100 mln dollar dept, I can’t afford it. Ros and the rest of my team will go down with me. I don’t have the money to give it back to the main producer. I might even end up in jail. Luke, please if you can let’s forget what had happend between us. Please. I’m begging you for help. You’re my only chance” 

Tears were in the corners of her eyes but she menaged not to let them go. Luke was silent. He heard some rumors about the dept but he never thought they’re real. He also never imagined that him leaving the movie will cause so much trouble.

„Can’t someone ealase play the role” asked Luke.

„We have 80 % of the scenes shot. We have no time or money to shoot them again. You’re our only chance. My only chance” Keira was more than serious.

He noticed thet her hands were trembeling. He studied her face. She seemed so tired and pale. Different than when they were together. He noticed taht she lost on weight although she was always very skinny. She was a shadow of her past self. Luke felt so bad. So sad, and wrong. He didn't know what to say.

„I have a contract here. It’s the same one as the old one. Please think about it” she put a pile of papar on the table.

She got up and went through the garden.

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