Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


14. mrs all american

„Hello Keira” said John and smiled. 

I came on the set the next day after the whole „Show” in New York. People really belived that I’m in a love triangle between Luke, Ashton and Harry. 

„Helo” I said going to my place behind the camera. 

I noticed Fiona. She was talking with Luke. They loughed loud. I tried to ignore them. Ros send me the video of thier kiss scene. It was too good. I tired to ignore the feeling of jelousy.  Luke and Fiona moved closer to me.

„So would you go out with me tonight” asked Fiona.

„I don’t know” Luke sent me a qiuck glance "I’ll let you know".

I looked on the camera screen. Why did I let my crush for Luke take over my clear head and I had hired him for the job.

„Ok” Fiona smiled and went to the changingroom.

Luke stood there for a while. 

„Ym, can we talk” he asked after a few moments.

„Yes, any questions about the movie” I wasn’t looking at him.

„I know you’re mad, but you had your revange” said Luke.

„What” I felt he’s making me flustrated and angry again.

„So can you please get back to me” asked Luke making a sweet puppy face.

„No” I felt tense.

„Why” he seemed sad

„At first I’ll do what you want me to do, and than I can maybe come back to you” I looked in his blue eyes. 

I felt my stomach moving around. Why was I so much in love with him.

„So you want to… to… sleep with Ashton and Harry” muttered Luke.

„Yes” I felt fear.

Could I really do it. Destroy my frendsip with the most important person I had, who I loved like a brother, and get into a love affair with 5sos’ drummer, I wasn’t really emotionaly into.

„But if you do it… can you forgive me than” asked Luke.

„I don’t know, now” I felt so insecure.

„Is everything ok” Ros came by and looked at us.

„Yes” me and Luke answered in the same time.

„I wish you could forgive me” muttered Luke and went to the make up artist. I felt so bad.   




„Are you sure about it”

The sun was shinning onto the apartment we rented in Manhattan. The view on the Cntral Park was pretty.

„Totally not sure” I felt scared, nearly sick.

I came here in the morning to discuss the matter with Harry. I invited Ashton to a villa down in Maiami. The plan was to spend the night with Ashton and meet with Harry on his yacht. 

„I’m so not sure. He had spelt with my sister” Harry was a little flustrated.

„I know. It’s just. Luke must get his punishment” 

„But why do you want to punish yourself to” asked Harry.

„Sometimes I feel like I have to. Wish me luck” I hugged him.

I felt like I was about to cry. 

„Don’t do it. You’ll just regrt it. I know you” Harry hold me tightly.

„Thay’re in the same band. Luke will find out if I won’t do it. And than you’ll tell him we did it, even if we’d never…Bye” 

I kissed his cheek.

„I hate this idea” Harry looked at me nearly begging me to stop.

But I turen and left the apartment.   




The weather in Maiami as warm but cloudy. It have been night already when I sat next to the pool in the preatty willa. I looked at the water. It calmed me down a little.  

Suddenly I heard footsteps in the house. Then a silent knocking on the glassdoor.  I turned around and saw Ashton. He was a little bit stressed too. 

„Hi” he whispered comming to the pool.

„Hi” I said turning round to the water.

„So, how are you” he sat at the edge of the pool next to me.

„Ok” I said not looking at him.

„So it’s between me and Harry now” Ashton smiled.

„Lookes like it is” I siad.

„Let’s go swimming” he said rising his eyebrows.

He took off his shoes, socks and his shirt and jumped into the pool still in his jeans. I loughed.

„Are you scared” he said splashing the water around.

„Do you think I’m scared” I said jumping into the pool in my dress.

The water was nice and warm. I felt my heart speeding up. What was Luke doing now.  Will he ever forgive me. 

I swam closer to the edge and looked into the cloudy night sky. This wasn’t the moment for regrets. If I fall tonight Harry’s there to pick up the pieces.

„Hello miss director” Ashton swam closer to me. His wet hair looked so strange.

I kissed him onece but I was drunk back than.  

I waited till he moves close enough to nearly kiss me and I plunged into the water. He was so shocked that he realised that I’m gone when I resurfaced on the other egge of the pool

„Oh that’s the game” said Ashton smiling.

How long can I keep him from me. A simple no would be enough. 

He swam to me and I did the same trick on him again, and again. We were moving around the pool, getting so close to each other. I felt like it was getting hotter, or was it just my desire. 

„Keira, I can’t handle it any more” whispered Ashton nearly breathing on my lips.

I felt like letting go and stopped running. I felt his strong arms on my waist. He kissed me too hot.  He moved from my lips to my neck and I felt like exploding. Like falling.

„Please stop. I just can’t do it” I said.

He stopped kissing me and rested his head on my shoulder. He was breathing heavily. 

„Why are you doinig it to me” he asked. I didn’t know the answer. Luke was probably the answer

„It’s a big house you can find a bedroom for you” I said getting out of the pool.





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