Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


20. i can't remember 3

We took my car. The boys left their guards outside except one. We moved down to Malibu beach. My friend had this fancy club there, that was ending in the ocean. He had a private beach.  It was 1 am when we reached the  big villa surrouned by palm trees and beautiful plants. We entered the house and went straight to the dancefloor.

„I like this place. So swagg” Calum looked at the lights, the tables, cosy couches, and the bar. 

„Do you need something miss Keira” Fanio, Joe’s right hand noticed us and went straight to me.

„No press, no photos, exlusive privacy” I said quietly.

And Luke Hemmings, I thought feling pain again.

„A big drink” said Calum and went on to the part of the club that ended in the sand.

„That’s cool” Michael started to sing loud. 

„It will be a long night” i whispered, and Aston smiled „Ask Luke, maybe he would like to come?"

Ashton took his phone and left to find a quiet place.

„Let’s dance” Calum grabbed my hand.

We went on the dancefloor. Michael found  a place on a couch and ordered beer.  What are you doing, I said to myself while dancing with Calum.  We came back form the dancefloor smiling loud. 

„You’re cute” Calum sat so close that I felt his hand on my hand.

Ashton came back.

„Will he” I asked.

He shook his head. 

„Forget him and have fun” said Calum and I felt his breath on my ear.

"You’re drunk” I got up „Shall we dance” I took Ashton's hand. 

He smiled and went to the dancefloor with me. I noticed Calum's dark look.

„You can’t fall for me, all of you” I said when we stopped among the dancing people.

I noticed that three girls were suddenly sitting next to Calum and starting a conversation. What was Luke doing, alone in the hotel. Was he, alone. The muisc slowed down. I flet strange. Miami nights were so lively. I felt Ashton's strong hands around my waist. I wished they were Luke's. But Luke will never touch me again.  I cuddled into Ashton's neck. We moved slowly to the dreamy beat. I watched the couch. Calums dark eyes catching up with my eyes. I closed my eyes. It was too much. Did they had to be so… sexy. The night went on. Calum danced with the girls. Michael fell in love with his drnks. Ashton was plaing with my hair when we took place on a couch in the sand. The ocean's music mixed with the club sounds. 

„I missed you” Ashton gently kissed my ear.

„Stop” I didn’t move.

„Keira, I still love you like crazy” he siad. „Forget Luke, be with me”

„It’s too much. The world spins” Calum came to us and landed on the couch. His head on my lap.  Different coloured lipstick stains covered his neck.

„Was it a good night” I smiled.

„Not that good” he looked me in the eyes and I thought I’m melting into chocolate. Were it the drinks. Was it me. Was it Luke. Why couldn't I be with Luke just so, calm and happy. I wouldn't need all of this. 

„I love you” whispered Aston kissing my neck.

Calums eyes were hypnotizing me down from my lap. He heard Ashton's words and closed his eyes. He layed there so still and pretended that he’s asleep.

„Calum” two girls came to ask about him.

„Leave him  his sleeping” I siad.

They looked disappionted but they moved back to the club. I felt Ashton's fingers creasing the skin on my arms. His tiny kisses on different parts of my neck. I wasn’t fighting with this. My hand somehow went into Calum's soft hiar. I watched the ocean. It was black. Perfectly sad like my soul. I was surrounded with so much pelasue. With man so preatty and great. Thery were here ready to love me and give my everyting and more. But I felt cold, and empty, lonely and dark like the ocean. Because Luke wasn’t able to love me back. I would give 1000 Ashtons, and Calums for his love. 

„I’ll be back in a minute” Ashton got up.

He kissed my cheek and moved to the club. A chilly breaze made me trembel. I didn’t realized how cold this night  was in his warm arms. Calum moved. 

„I know you’re not sleeping” I siad.

He slid but didn’t open his eyes. Ashton came back and wrapped me in his arms again. We were there in silence. Hours passed. The music in the club faded. I noticed Michael's sleeping on another couch. The lights went down. We could stay here. It was my friend's property. Hours passed. Ashton never kissed my lips. He kept touching me and kissing my neck. Finally we took a pillow nad moved to the sand leaning our backs on the couch. He fell asleep with his hands stil around me. I rested my head on his shoulder and frogot myself into a drem. 


I heard the ocean rushing. I dreamed about Luke's blue eyes. We were walking on the bach. He smiled so bright.  I felt someone moving and I oppend my eyes. Ashton hasnt moved. But Calum was somehow sitting near me and resting his head on my sholder. He looked at me with deep brown eyes. The beach was filled with morning light.  He moved his finger to his lips when I tried to open my mouth. He looked at Ashton and than moved closer. I felt his cheek on my cheek. His soft face. I happened so natural that I couldn’t imagine that it's even possible. He just kissed me. His big, insanly big lips met my lips. We were moving slowly and caucious to not to wake Ashton up. A sweetnes sweeter than enything before moved through my body. I fel like filled with light. Minutes passed and we were kissing without any moment for a breath. The sun rose and I felt it's warm touch on my face. My free hand landed into Calum's hair on his neck. All the weeks of pain were gone in this pillow soft lips. I thought we were kissing forever and than  like from another world I felt Ashton's fingers moving. With one qiuck move I partened myself from Clum's lips. He looked me in the eyes. Ashton moaned loud. Calum closed his eyes and in a second he was lying on my lap pertending to be asleep.

„Morning” whispered Aston.

„Morning” I felt I’m still trembleing. 

I felt how tight Calum was holding my hand.

„We missed the sunise” said Ashton. „And this little rat moved to your knees again” said Ashton noticing Calum.

I was silent. How could I speak. He left me spachles

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