Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


19. I can't remember 2

The streets were flashing by, behind the car's window. The pier, the yacht, the cold night, me and Luke. This memories appeared like form another liftime. His soft skin… I flet I was falling into peaces again. I shouldn’t have come here. I felt the tears are about to roll down my face when I herad my phone was giving out a noise. A text message from Calum. With the name of the bar.

"Turn to Sunset Blv., I’ll give you the adress” I said to the driver.

This luxourious life, was i really redy to give it in because Luke decided to leave. The debt, the movie that was now just one big risk. I felt pain. maybe I colud find someone ealse for this role. Harry. No we stopped being friends. Maybe Ashton or Michael, or Calum. That made no sense. I needed luke. His magical way of being.

We stopped at the bar. I saw fans waiting outside and begging the security to let them in. I went out of the car, and passed them. I came in this fancy car so no one tried to stop me from getting inside. LA rules. If you're reach, famous or preatty enough you can go into every bar or club. I never agreed with this human dscrimination. How about the democracy of going into the club you want wenever you like. The music wasn’t that loud. It wasn’t so crowded either. Calum noticed me from his table and came to me.

"Come with me” he said leding me to the couch.

Girls in tiny skirts were dancing around their place. They tried to get noticed by the 5s os guys.

"Hello” Michel waved at me.

"I know better bars” I sat next to Michael.

"We can change places „ Calum smiled.

"How’s Luke” I tried to sound cold.

"He hates you, but I think it’s his own fault. He wanted you to cheaton him so it’s not cheating” said Calum.

I noticed that he had very preatty eyes. I never noticed it before.

"Am I late” Ashton stopped in front of the couch

"Hi Keira” he said.

"I sholud go” I got up.

"Oh, come on, we cant be enemys” Calum looked at me „Please forgive each other”

I stopped.

"It won’t work, we can’t be friends” I avoided looking into Ashton’s eyes.

"We can try” he said smiling.

"What about Luke” I looked at them.

"He will calm down. Give him some time”

"This time will cost me 100 milin dollads and bankrupcy, I have no time” I said sitting back on the couch.

"Is it that bad” Ashton took place next to me.

I never liked when he was too close. I always felt this little shivers, and this strange feeling in my stomache around

„We must make Luke forgive you and play in the movie again” said Calum.

"Don’t worry we’ll make a plan” Michale emptied his drink.

"Let’s move clubs” I said looking at the gilrs.

They were listening and taking photos. I had enough trouble I didn’t need being catched with the 5 sos guys especialy Aston again.

"Let’s go” Aston noticed what I was looking at.

"Where” asked Michale.

"I’ll show you a special place” I got up.

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