Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


4. gotta get out

Two days later  


He was in New York again. He felt that he looks terrible, that he's still tired after the concert, that he suffers from jet lag after a six hours flight. He looked at himself in the car mirror. He was nervous. He tried to style his hair for an hour in the hotel but he still thought it looks awful. Everything in him was trembling when he knew tht he will meet Keira in minutes. 

His phone rang again. Sam. But Sam was a voice from another world. So distant an quiet, that it almost stopped sounding in his ears. Luke sighed. He was supposed to tell the world about his movie role after he’ll come back from Australia. Calum adn Michael stayed in LA to do a few interviews. Ash came with him to New York because Luke was to afraid to face it alone. He hoped Aston will help him to make a good impression in front of Keira. 

Half an hour later Luke entered one of the old theaters on Broadway. I was closed in this season. Luke and Aston were led by  the security backstage. There in a big room Luke saw about ten people sitting on comfortable chairs. Luke left his bag next to the wall. He was holding the screenplay in his hands. He was nervous.

„Say hallo” whispered Ash.

„ Do it yourself” Luke was studying the people’s faces.

He recognized a few known actors.

„I can’t do it” he whispered moving towards the door, but Ash grabbed him strongly.

„Come on,don’t give in so quickly” he muttered. Luke took a deep breath. 

„Hello” he heard Keira’s voice and felt sick.

„I’m sorry but you wasn’t invited Mr. Irwin” Keira’s voice was strict and serious.

„I…ym” Ashton smiled brightly „I came to support Luke. He asked me for it”

„Ok, you may stay” said Keira "Hello Luke” she smiled.

„Hi” Luke turned around and tried to look on the ground instead at her. 

„Sit down please” Keira moved around the room „My dear crew this is Luke Hemmings, the singer from 5sos, the one I was telling you about. He’s very talented and has a lot of stage experience, he is ideal to play Leah” Keira glanced at Luke quickly and he felt that he’s turning red.

He moved to the only free chair and sat down. Ashton took place on the carpet next to Luke’s bag. 

„Hi, I’m Fiona, I’ll play Destiny” a very beautiful girl with long dark brown hair smiled to Luke „Look’s like we’re a couple on the screen” she said and Luke felt cold sweat running down his spine.

He looked at Keira.

„Why don’t you play Destiny” he asked.

Asthon burst into laughter.

„I can’t be two persons in one time Luke.” Keira wasn’t looking at him. „Did you all read the screenplay?” she asked an everyone nodded. „I wan’t to talk with everyone of you about the role, and about the whole vision. You're free to add your ideas, Fiona come with me. Ros will stay here and tell you everything about technical details.”

Keira went out of the room followed by Fiona. Rose came forward and for the next hour he was talking about cameras, greenscreen action, and rehersal schedules. He was also sending the actors to Keira. Some were talking to her for a long time, another ones were there just for  few minutes. 

„Luke it’s your turn” said Ros when the last person came back.

Luke got up and went towards a door on the other side of the room. There he found a hall and a satircase. He took the stairs and ended up in a small room behind the stage. It had a lot of big windows, but the view wasn’t great. The only thing he could see outside were the walls of the opposite buildings.

„It’s just a small backstage place” Keira was sitting on a wooden cube often used on theater stages.

„I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, me palying” Luke sat opposite her on another cube.

„What are you afraid of” she asked.

"Me…, I’m scared to play with Fiona, fake love”

He was thinking about this for two nights but he still hasn’t a clue how to tell her.

„It’s just a movie, it’s fiction, think about it like about playing in a video” Keira was looking at the window.

„I… I have a girlfriend” Luke nearly screamed it out, and felt even worse.

„So there’s a feeling you can relate to while playing” Kaira wasn’t looking at him „Your menager said thet you’re going home tomorrow. Is there anything ealse you want to say” she asked.

Luke felt his entrails being squeezed by pain.

„I don’t know what to do” he whispered.

„Just do what you fell is right” Keira got up.

„Wait” Luke jumped up. „Keira… I… this relationship is neary over… it stopped working” Kira stopped at the door.

Luke felt like if the ground was trembling under his feet.

Tell her the truth- he thought.

„I’m scared” he whispered. „Youre someone special, I never felt like this next to someone before… but… me and Sam we were together for so long… and we’re the same age…”

„Stop explaining.” Keira opened the door.

„Please, give me a chance” asked Luke.

Keira went out of the room. Luke was standing there for a moment and than ran after her.

„Keira, please” he shouted.

She turned around. She took a paper and a pen and wrote something, than she handed the paper to Luke.

„This is my number. Call me when you’re ready.” she said.

Luke took the paper and she left the hall.

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