Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


5. everything I didn't say

A lot of fans were waiting on the airport. But at home he could finally inhale silence. When Luke had entered the house he heard happy noises. A moment later he was squeezed in hugs by his family members. His mum, father and brothers were greeting with so much joy. 

„Luke” Sam squeaked.

Before Luke could move she run into him  and huged him so tightly that she was almost strangling him. He was happy and unhappy to see her. And he was so torn between the girl that was kissing him so sweet and the woman he met overseas, who seemed like the most unsurpassed but also the most coveted and fascianting dream. 

„Sam… Sam honey… I’m tired” Luke somehow managed to free himself of her grip. 

„I’ve missed you so much” Sam was crying.

Luke smiled wanly.  


The solemn dinner endedand and Luke’s parents were doing the washing up. Luke went to the garden and sat on the stairs. He heard some footsteps and noticed Sam. 

„Hi honey” she came closer and sat next to him. 

„So how was your life. Did you see a lot of prettier girls than me.” she asked.

Luke was silent. He felt bad.

„So. Tell me” she said.

„I’ll play in Keira’s movie” Luke picked a daisy from the lawn and swirled it in his fingers.

„What” Sam jumped up. „You can’t paly in her movie. I told you I’m not allowing you to do it” she was sceraming again.

„I”m playing in Keira’s movie” Luke was looking at the flower. 

„What are you talking about. You can’t. Tell them that you aren’t playing. Sam was red and furious

„I’m playing” Luke threw the daisy in the grass and stood up

„You can’t, I’m not letting you…” Sam was trembling.

„I’m tired. I’m going to bed” without any exuses Luke went into the house.  


Sam left his house. His family was downstairs. Luke was sitting on the bed in his old room. He was moving the piece of paper he got from Keira in his fingers. He didn’t know what to do, and he was fighting with himself. He couldn’t tell Sam that he wants to brak up with her. He also couldn’t call Keira and tell her that he wants to be with her.  


I was reading teh movie plan again. I wrote down all the scenes in every detail - camera positions, angles, off or on screen sound, light, the dialogues, everything. I had to keep myself busy to not to think about Luke, about the teenager with blue eyes, that was so magnetic. I couldn’t stop listening to the 5sos CD. His voice sounded so mature when he was singing about love, longing and heartbreak. I was checking the phone hopeing for his call. Every time when I a saw a new number my heart jumped up. I was waiting for his decision. I was afraid that he’s too young to act like a man. That he will run away and won’t be able to cope with the difficulty of this situation. I didn’t care about her. I just wanted him to give me a chance. That was enough.   


During the next week Luke tried to fix his relationship with Sam. They had days when they avoided arguments, so when Sam starterd to come closer to the difficult subjects Luke tried to make her lough. On the third evening after his arrival they were sitting in Luke’s livingroom cuddling on a couch. Sam was changeing the tv channels trying to find something interesting.

„Some red carpet” she stopped.

Luke sighed. He dreamed abut the day when his time off will end and he will go on tour again, far away form Sam. He tried to ignore the inner voice that was constantly telling him that this relationship is over and that he won’t stand it any longer. 

„The amazing, Oscar winner, movie director Keira came to the New Yourk's premiere today. Her dress was stunning.” Luke woke up hearing Keira’s name in the news.

He saw her. She was dressed up in a fire like red dress, and he felt so wrong in the place where he was. He should be there with her instead.

„I don’t like her” muttered Sam.

LUke ws looking at the screen amazed and nearly hypnotized. He wondered why he haven't called her aleready. Why was he saving something that wasn’t there anymore.

„Supisingly Miss Keira appeared on the premiere alone, although One Direction's singer Harry Styles, who is reported to only be her best friend, stayed in New York during his days off, and they both were spotted on a dinner together earlier today.” continued the reporter.

Luke felt fire inside his body. He knew that Kiera and Harry were best friends. Who didn’t! But Keria gave her number to him. To Luke.

„She won’t get you” Sam rested her head on his lap.

Luke felt angry, and desperated. Could he trust Keira, or was he just another toy for her. Should he risk the safe relation with a girl he couldn’t love anymore for this adventure. Will he end up with a broken heart?

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