Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


2. eighteen

It was way after midnight and the club was flashed with lights from crystal candelabras. 

„What did they want from you” asked Calum.

„I don’t know yet” Luke sighed.

„It’s because of Sam” Calum looked at him with disgust.

Sam had called again before Luke left for the party. He picked her up and told her about the movie. 

„They will tell you to lick some wh*re, maybe even play a sex scene with her” she was shouting.

„Honey, I’m still thinking about this offer, it might be something interesting”

"Interesting… hm.. It will be very interesting if you will lick another girl. You didn’t kiss me since two months” she was still shouting.

„I wasn’t home for two months” Luke got angry.

„I miss you” she started to cry.

„Honey, I’m comming back in a week” he said quietly.

„For how long” she sounded hurt.

„For a week” he felt he run out of words that could mean something.

„Honey, we will make it” he said.

But he wasn’t feeling anything. They said goodbye in consent, but Luke knew that their raltionship was scattering like a house of cards that is trying to overcome a tornado.   


„Hey, look isn’t it Andrew Garfield” Calum asked Luke.

„I think so” Luke looked in this direction and saw the actor talking with a stunning young woman. 

„Is it his new girlfriend, I don’t think so” Calum looked at the woman.

„Luke” He kicked him but Luke was starring at the girl like hypnotized. She had blonde hair, she was wearing a little black dress and long diamond earings. In this momsnt she turned around and noticed the two boys. She said something to Andrew and they both approached Luke and Calum.

„Hallo, I don’t think we know each other” Andrew shook their hands „Andrew”


„Calum” They sounded very odd. „I saw Spiderman” muttered Calum.

„Great” Andrew smiled nervously.

„So you are the boy that doesn’t want to play in my movie” the girl looked at Luke.

Luke’s stomach made a salto.

„Luke will play in your movie” Calum opened his mouth.

„This…” Luke sighed.

„He will play the lead singer of Intimate” asked Andrew „Congatulations, I thought I’ll get this role, I can play guitar” Andrew looked at the girl.

„I’m not an actor” said Luke.

„But you have something in common with this character” the girl looked at Luke.

Luke smiled.  „You got me” he siad.

His phone rang in his pocket. Sam. Luke ignored it. 

„Would you like a drink” Luke looked at Keira.

„You’re not 21 and we’re in the States” she smiled.

„I’ll handle it” Luke made a serious face.

„Let’s see it” Keira moved towards the bar.

Luke followed her. They left Calum and Andrew completly stunned on the dancefloor. When they reached the bar Luke relyed on the counter so confident as if he was  the right age. 

„A drink for me and this lovely lady please” he said in a lower tone.

Keira loughed loud.

„What would you like” asked the batender.

„Two Mohitos with teqilla” muttered Keira.

„25$” said the bartender.

Luke took out his wallet and payed. 

„So, what’s wrong with the character that you don’t want to play it” asked Keira.

„There’s nothing wrong. I was thinking that he is a little bit like me. He satrted his career as a tennager and the whole world went crazy about his music. And only him and his band mates know how it feels to be in this situation because they went through it together. His family and friends at home are getting more and more distatnt from him like if they were living in a different galaxy. Thank you” The bartender hended the drinks to them.

Luke took the drinks and gave one to Keira. „And he loves a girl he can’t officialy date, because if the world finds out about their love she would be in great danger. An it will destroy them both”

Luke was wondering why for the first time he was feeling so free talking to someone he only knew for 5 seconds. He was telling her about his doubts and feelings and she understood.        

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