Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


22. disconnected

(a short note) this chaper is very R-rated so if you're not comfortable with it don't read it. If you are, just enjoy ;)


She got up and went through the garden. Luke was sitting there for a moment starring at the papers. Than he picked them up and run after her.

She was nearly at the parklane, a butler hended her her car keys. Luke stopped between them. He tried to say something but when he looked at her he run out of words. 

„Ym” he tried to bring something together but somehow his brain didn’t let him.

Keira tried to walk past him to the car but he went into her way. 

„Keira” he said finding her name as the only word left in him. 

She didn’t stop so he grabbed her waist and pulled her to him. 

„What are you doing” Keira smiled and blushed. 

„I don’t know” Luke smiled to. 

A moment later he kissed her.


I was so shocked about his reaction. I’ve never expected it. He just put his arms around me and kissed me. I didn’t move for a while trying to realize what had just happened, and than suddenly I gave in to the sweet taste of his lips. I put my arms around his neck and answered the kiss. We were standing there for a while never partening our lips untill the butler brought us back to reality. 

„Miss. Should I bring your car in again” he asked trying not to look at me and Luke in a strange way.

„No, we're leaving. I’m leaving” I freed myself form Luke’s arms.

„I’m comming with you” Luke run around the car to the passenger’s seat. 

I smield to myself. What are you doing. My mind was screaming. But I felt so happy that I forgot the whole world. I started the engine and drove towards my house. Luke was sending me hot glances during the whole ride. He was biteing his pearcing and I tried to focus on the road, not on how I wanted to bite it too. We reached my house and left the car. I was looking for the keys in my purse. I felt Luke's breath on my neck. He was right behind me. His perfect nose touched my skin and I shivered. I opened the door and went in. I turned the light on and faced him. I’ve mised him so much, for so long. Now it wa so obvious as if we’ve never broken up. He came closer and I felt his wet soft lips on my. He undressed me before we even started to move towards the bedroom. I underessed him and he pressed me towards the nearest wall.

„Hurry up” I whispered leaving hundreds of kisses on his neck.

He lifted me up and a second later we were moving against the wall. My blury visions were mixed with his blue eyse. He moved harder. His breath was qiucker. His heartbeat faster.

„Wait, wait, don’t come yet” I stopped him catching my breath against the soft skin of his shoulders.

He stopped. With so much effort. I knew inside him he was ready to explode.

„Let’s move to the bathroom” I whispered biteing his ear and slideing down from his body.

„Keira please” he was so close to it.

„Let me do it oral” I said taking his hand.

„No, you can’t it’s…” he’s face went red.

„I’ve missed you for so long” I felt my body was brning.

He moved with me up the stairs to the big bathroom with the view all over the night LA. I studyied the marble bathtube and the huge shower. I took him towards the shower.

„Let us do it here, and than there” I pointed at the shower and the buthtube „And then on my bed, on the floor, in the swimmingpool”

Luke was nearly catching his breath.

„I’m just one boy” he whispered turning the water on.

It rained on us cool and warm.

„One boy enough” I whispered kissing his lips, his neck, his nipples, his belly.

Moving my lips down his hips to his tights. Luke moaned loud.

„Let me pelase you first” he said stopping me.

„You will please me later” I said making him scream…

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