Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


17. between

LA was rainy. The shooting that was supposed to be done on the streets couldn’t happen as the streets turned into rivers.

"Ros hire a restaurant. I want candlelight and round tables" I said while looking outside on the pouring rain. 

"A new idea” asked Ros.

„Yes, we’ll shoot it today. I need some extras twenty woman and 16 man” Ros took his phone.

He was happy that we won’t spend the day in the small house on the hill where the team put all the stuff to cover it from the rain.

„Hi” Michael went into the room. „Nice to see you again. How are you” 

„Good” I tried to smile.

They arrived few mintes ago and I hid in the room from them.

„I’m glad you’re doing the video. I love your works. And…” Michael stopped „Have a nice day” he said leaving.

Few minutes later Ros came to anounce that he found the restaurant and that the extras are alerady there. We left the room. The boys were sitting in the ling room. I entered and tried to avoid looking at them.

„Hi” said Ashton.

„Hello” I looked into his green eyes.

„It’s rainig” muttered Calum.

„Wre changing plans” I said turning around.

Luke was watching the screen of his phone. 

I wasn’t ready to see him. So I felt pain. I left the house in a hurry.

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