Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


3. beside you

„I travel through cities, see thousands of new faces, but people are always just around me. I can’t remember all the new faces I have seen in a day.”

We were sitting on a tarrace on the roof of the club. We were alone here. A cool wind form the Ataltic Ocean was softly touching our faces.

„Tell me something about you. Tell me your stroy” Luke was looking at me with his sweet blue eyes.

„Long time ago there was a girl, who lived inside her dreamworld, inside the stories in her head. In her imagination she could be everything, and everywhere. Her every wish was fulfilled right away. This amazing worlds, were always with her and they still are. They are a part of her life, a part of her personality, her best and worst feature. Sometimes she faded so deep into this imaginary worlds that reality stopped being real. But she was also afraid to reach for her dreams, she was afarid of other people and love. She meet someone who seemed to be the only one but they were never able to get to know each other. He left, and never came back. Since that day she tries to feel something, but love is avoiding her, like it’s not made for her. This girl got through a lot of pain. She was suffering with depression. Still some little white pills are keeping her from drowning. Why do I tell you this”  


She smiled. Luke looked at her stunned by her magic, and by the magic of this moment. 

„I don’t now how she found the strenght to show her art to the world. And I’m still amazed that the people actually love her movies and books. It’s crazy and wonerful” She looked at her feet.

They were sitting on a dark purplue couch on the edge of the roof. 

„I always wanted to share my art with others and work with people filled with crativiny and passion”

„Do you think I’ve got passion” asked Luke 

„I think you love what you’re doing, and you’re so happy on stage”

„I want to play in your movie” Luke felt his insides burning "Do you think I can make it”

„I see how sensitive you are, you’ll be fine. If I didn’t belive that you can do it I wouldn’t offer you this role.”

„You will hepl me, right”he asked.

„Yes” she sied.

He wanted to stay with her on this roof forever.

„Luke, you’re here” Luke felt pain when Calum appeared on the roof.

„I’ll go now” Keira got up.

„We will meet again? Right” Luke looked at her.

„In 3 days we’re starting the rehersals for the movie with the whole team. If you sign the contract we will meet there. Goodnight” Keira left the roof.

Luke felt that everything in him is turning into ice. He wanted to run after her and ask for her number, tell her that he’s going home in a week, and that he has a girlfriend back there. The thought about Sam was like a sharp knife inside his heart.

„You’re so pale, are you ok” asked Calum.

„No” Luke felt a stone growing inside his heart.

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