Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


12. amnesia

It was loud on the set. The team was working on the decoration. Luke went to the changingrooms. He wanted to talk to Keira. He had concerts in two cities and hadn't seen her for 4 days. They were texting and talkng on skype the whole time but Luke missed her badly.

"Oh, you're here" Fiona met him in the hall and got in his way.

"Hi, I'm late" said Luke.

"Luke, we're shooting the kiss scene in two days. Shouldn't we get to know each other better before it" Fiona looked in his eyes.

Luke felt he's blushing.

"In two days, no way. Keira told me we're shooting this scene on the last day" muttered Luke.

"So... maybe we go for a coffe after the shooting today" asked Fiona.

"I don't have time" Luke walked past her and ran up the stairs.

Two cameramen were in the long hall upstairs but he ignored them. He knocked on the last door on the right and burst into the room before anyone could invite him in.

Keira was sitting in an armchair with the screenplay on her lap.

"Hi" she said smiling

"Why in two days" Luke went straight to her and took the opposite chair.

"What's in two days" asked Keira.

"We're shooting the kiss scene"

"Does it matter when you'll do it. You'll be over it quicker" Keira smiled.

"Why can't you play Destiny" groaned Luke.

"I had explaind it to you before" Keira sighed

"Why. It will be so hard" Luke made a puppy face.

"Come on" Keira smiled loud.

"Will you be jelous" asked Luke bending over her.

"It's just a scene" Keira turned red.

"So, you'll be jelous" Luke smiled.

"Maybe" Keira touched his nose with her nose.

"It would be so much easier if it were you" Luke kissed her gently.

"Yhym" Ros burst into the room and grunted.

Luke and Keira stopped kissing and giggled.

"You don't need to show your romance so officialy on set" muttered Ros.

Luke and Keira exchanged looks.

"You could wear a wig for this scene" started Luke

"Luke leave the subject. Let's go we have to do the shooting for today" Keira got up.

Luke followed her.


"Prepare for this scene. Talk to Fiona."

Luke and Keira were sitting in a restaurant and eating late dinner.

"She's into me" muttered Luke.

"I know" Keira looked at him "That's why you should discuss this scene with her"

"Maybe you're right" Luke sighed.

His phone rang. He looked on the screen and felt fear rising. Liz. He couldn't not answer her call.

"Hi mum, I'm bussy now" muttered Luke.

Keira was listening all tense.

"Where are you" asked Liz.

"I'm in a reastaurant eating dinner" Luke tried to keep his voice from trembling.

"Who are you with" asked Liz.

Luke felt a dumping in his thorat.

"Ym" he gasped

"So you're with her" Liz rised her voice

"No, I'm with John, you know Jhon, he's this nice dude, who plays my assistant" said Luke.

"So she's not there with you" asked Liz.

"No" Luke neary forgot how to breath.

"If I find out that you're lying"

"I'm honest, goodnight mum" Luke turned the call off.

He looked at Keira frightend. She was looking at her plate

His phone rang again

"I'm sorry" he whispered picking Liz up

"Why are you turning off my call" screamed Liz

"Oh Liz I'm eating. I'll call you back" siad Luke.

"Ok, I'm waiting for your call" Luke turned off the call and took a deep breath.

"You told me that you made things clear with Liz" Keira sounded hurt.

"I... I couldn't talk to her about that. You know Liz" whispered Luke.

"You promised you won't do this to me again, but you're doing it" Keira threw a napkin on the table.

Luke felt he run out of ideas.

"But, I had forgiven you, that... that you" Luke stopped.

"That what" she asked

"That you kissed Ashton. I heard him talking about that to Mickey. I never said a thing, I wasn't argueing about that" started Luke.

"I did it only to make you jelous and make you come back to me" Keira was looking at the plate.

Luke felt stupid.

"Ok" he muttered "Are we ok"

"Ok" said Keira.

In this moment her phone rang.

"What again" she groaned taking it out of her bag.

Keira looked at the screen and sighed

"Whose that" asked Luke.

"A friend" Keira wasn't looking at him.

She waited for two more signals and picked up.

"Hi" she said

"Hi"Luke recognized Harry's voice.

He felt that the anger and jelousy are burning his insides.

"How was your day" asked Harry.

"Very good" Kaira looked at the window.

"I got tickets for the Super Bowl, I heard you have a free day tomorrow. I'll fly to you to pick you up. We'll go for a lunch and then to the match, and maybe later we'll do something special..."

"I'll call you back" Keira stopped him.


Keira turned the call off. The room was filled with tense silence.

"Why didn't you tell him that you're in the restaurant with me. Maybe I would also like to go to the Super Bowl" asked Luke.

"Maybe you'll invite Liz to it too" Keira got up.

She took bank notes out of her bag and put them on the table.

"Here you are, pay for the meal" she said and left.

Luke was about to throw something into the wall.


The morning was bright and sunny. The receptionist asked them for autographs for his daughter. Luke and Calum sat on a sofa in the hotel hall. Luke was waiting for Keira. She wasn't answering his calls, despite the fact that he was calling the whole night. He wanted to apologize. He also wanted to check if she was going to the airport to fly to the Super Bowl with Harry. Luke was so angry that he was trembling.

"Calm down bro" whispered Calum

"She's here" Luke saw Keira and jumped up.

She went to the reception.

"The cub to the airport is waiting" said the receptionist.

So she was leaving with the other one.

"Keira" said Luke running to her.

"It went all wrong yesterday" Keira looked at him.

"Yes" Luke wasn't expecting this. "I... I wanted to tell you that you're doing the right thing. You will fresh up your mind" he started.

What am I talking about - Luke was supprised by his own words

"Acha" said Keira and took her siutcase "I'm in a hurry we'll talk tomorrow"

Tomorrow, tomorrow they will shoot the kiss scene.

"Keira I can't" screamed Luke.

"What can't you do" asked Keira.

"This, this whole thing is..." Luke groaned

"He's tired" said Calum

"Luke is there something you want to tell me" asked Keira.

"No" muttered Calum

"I... I" Luke felt sweat on his face "Why didn't you sleep with him" he said

Calum hid his face in his hands.

"With who"

Keira looked at him shocked.

"With Harry, or at least with Ashton" shouted Luke.

"Luke I wanted to do it with someone I'll be in love with and you... Why do you ask about it"

"Because I thought that you had done it... and I am disappointed that you didn't do it with them" said Luke

He felt like if the time stopped. Calum's, Keira's and the receptionist's faces were frozen in shock.

"I'm breaking up with you" said Keira and left the hotel in a hurry.


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