Broken~harry styles fanfic

i waited 5 mintues and i walk back into the bath room i pick it up..Postive.I feel like my life just ended i dont Know where to go i only have a little bit of money.What am i going to do??


2. Where do i go??

Kim's POV.

I fold the letter and set it on the kitchen table,i grab my bag and get in the taxi i called.

where to miss?

Ummm....the palace INN!"

After 20 minutes where here,i pay my fee and walk inside.

Hello welcome to the Palace INN how may i help you?

How much is the cheapest room?

$49.99 for one night and if you stay for two nights it's $89.99.

Okay i will take the  two nights please.

I got my key room 349 3rd floor i go up the stairs and find my room,i walk in and set my bags on the bed and walk out side for some fresh air..

Harry's POV.

I walk to the second floor from the studio the guys went to there room's.I hear crying so i walk to the end of the hall.


Ummm..sorry i will go sorry to bother you.

No,its okay i was just walking to my room.Is something wrong?

Kim's POV.

I don't know why but,for some reason i fell i can tell this person everything,i start from the being and when i finish he has tears in his eyes,he just hugs me and i hug him back.

If u don't mind me asking what is your name love? he asked me.

Its Kimberly but,you can call me Kim if you like.

Okay well,Kim I'm Harry Styles.

Well nice to meet you Harry.

Would you like to go for a swim with me i kinda don't wanna go by my self. I ask.

Sure let me go get changed and ill meet you there in 10.

okay see ya then.

I walk to the pool and see Harry he's laying on the chair and i got to say he is quit attractive,i love his curly hair,his dimples when he smile,and when i look him in his eyes i just melt inside.I just met this guy and i already like him whats wrong with me?

I hear his throat clear,he must have realized i was starring at him.

Oh,sorry i was just ummm..i was jus..

Checking me out.Its fine lets jump in.

After swimming for about 15 minutes we get out dry off,and talk for  awhile.

I learned that he is 19 and he's in a boy band named One Direction thats very famous.

Hey,do you wanna stay at mine tonight theres to beds?I mean you don't have to,i just.

Sure,i'd love to.

We walk to his room and talk for a while and get to sleep.    



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